Speakers’ Bureau Directory

Milwaukee Public Television has compiled a Speakers' Bureau Directory listing staff members who are available to speak to organizations on many media-related topics.

Our dedicated staff is proud to serve the public by sharing its expertise and enthusiasm for responsible broadcasting, award-winning productions, new technology, and commitment to the community.

Organizations requesting a speaker must:

  • Apply six weeks before the event.
  • Provide an audience of 15 or more at the event.
  • Supply a TV, VCR, overhead projector, or other equipment needed as needed.
  • Permit MPTV to distribute membership forms for membership in the MPTV Friends, Inc.

To arrange for a speaker or presentation, please contact Debra Kunath, Assistant, Community Relations, 414-297-7514.


Bromberg, Ellis — General Manager

Topics Include:
  • Public Television History
  • Public TV's Transition to Digital Television
  • Public Television's Value to the Community

Garvin, Michael — Senior Videographer

Topics Include:
  • Careers in Broadcasting
  • Visual Literacy and Editorial Viewing
  • Broadcast Technology

Gomez, Patricia — Producer/Director of ¡Adelante!

Topics Include:
  • The Mission of Public Television in Serving Minorities
  • Public Television Working in the Community

Hill Lehr, Julie — Manager, Community Relations

Topics Include:
  • Using Television to Teach
  • Encouraging Children to Write and Illustrate Books
  • Television's Response to Community Needs

Horowitz, Rick — TV Commentator, Syndicated Columnist of Interchange

Topics Include:

Johnson, Scott — TV Continuity Writer

Topics Include:
  • Logging Station Continuity
  • Writing TV Copy
  • Producing Program Promos

Pulz, Kevin — Senior Producer-Director, Tracks Ahead, MPTV.
Co–Instructional Chair, School of Media and Creative Arts, MATC.

Topics Include:
  • History of Television
  • Careers in Broadcasting
  • Producing a Television Program
  • Directing a Television Program
  • Future Television Trends, Production and Digital Delivery

Small, Dan — Host/Producer of Outdoor Wisconsin

Topics Include:
  • For information and fees, please contact Dan at 414-271-1036.

— Producer/Director

Topics Include:
  • Women in Broadcasting
  • Local Coverage of the Political Scene