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Today’s global economy demands a more educated workforce. Communities are working together to improve 21st century learning and increase high school graduation rates to prepare more students for college and successful careers. Public media stations across the country are at the center of this community-based work providing quality content, forums, and classroom resources to build local capacity for long term success.

More than 75 public radio and television stations in 33 states have joined forces with over 800 partners and 200 at-risk schools to shed light on the problem and share solutions. Through American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen, local public television and radio stations are empowering individuals at the community level with knowledge by increasing national and local reporting, convening diverse local stakeholders, and providing access to free resources for teachers and parents. By working together and remaining vigilant, we are increasing the footprint of progress, reaching more children and communities and seeding the foundation for a prosperous economic future for our country.

MPTV will air the following specials:

9/7 8 a.m. MPTV 36.1 Room to Breathe
A surprising story of transformation as struggling kids in a San Francisco public middle school are introduced to the practice of mindfulness meditation.

9/7 8 a.m. MPTV 36.1 Arts & the Mind #101 (1st of 2)
Host Lisa Kudrow explores the vital role the arts play in human development during both youth and older age, and shares stories and cutting edge scientific research on how music, dance, painting, poetry and theater markedly improve well-being at both ends of life. (1 of 2)

9/14 8 a.m. MPTV 36.1 August to June: Bringing Life to School
An unconventional classroom in Northern California is visited. Instead of focusing on higher test scores, the participants discuss creativity and empathy.

9/21 8 a.m. MPTV 36.1 Is School Enough?
Learn how young people are leveraging digital media to learn, explore interests, connect with others and change the world around them.

9/28 8 a.m. MPTV 36.1 Our Time Is Now
Six New Mexico teenagers strive to finish high school, face challenges and pursue their dreams.

9/29 10 p.m. MPTV 36.1 POV #2611 “Best Kept Secret”
A New Jersey teacher races against the clock as graduation approaches for her severely autistic minority students. Once they graduate and leave the security of this nurturing place, their options for living independently will be few. She must help them find the means to support themselves before they "age out" of the system.

10/28 9 p.m. MPTV 10.1 Independent Lens “The Graduates”
The Latino dropout crisis is examined through the eyes of six inspiring young students who are part of an ongoing effort to increase graduation rates for a growing Latino population.

10/29 6;30 p.m. MPTV 10.1
ADELANTE takes a close look at innovative efforts in the Racine Unified School District - starting at the kindergarten level - to close the graduation gap between minority and non-minority students.

American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen is a long term public media commitment, supported by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), to help communities implement solutions to the high school dropout crisis. Public media plays a significant role building individual activity, community capacity, and national awareness. The dropout crisis demands attention now, and we are rising to the challenge of doing our part to address this problem.