MPTV Attributes

MPTV offers some unique advantages.


As the primary PBS stations in southeastern Wisconsin, WMVS-10 and WMVT-36 broadcast to 1,000,000+ households in the greater Milwaukee and northern Illinois region. Unlike cable, we reach every household with a television antenna. Because it is available in almost 99% of households, public television ensures that virtually everyone may share free and equal access to quality educational, entertainment and children's programming.

Most Trusted

Participants in consecutive national polls by Roper Public Affairs & Media named PBS the most trusted American institution and ranked PBS as one of the most trusted sources for news and public affairs programs. Your brand message couldn't be delivered in a better environment.

Americans give PBS top ranking in trustworthiness.*

Americans give PBS top ranking in trustworthiness.

Less Clutter

MPTV averages only 5 non-programming minutes per hour on Channels 10 & 36. Viewers are more receptive to your message because they remain attentive and engaged.

More Quality

No other commercial or cable broadcaster in this region offers MPTV's distinctive lineup of news, business and public affairs; arts and culture; science and technology; how-to and cooking; and children's programming.

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