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4th Steet Forum - "Our Energy Future and Climate Change"

Thursday, March 7, 2013 / 2:00 pm

4th Steet Forum -

4th Street Forum will be On the Road to the 2013 Sustainability Summit.

Join the MPTV audience at Milwaukee's Delta Center

400 West Wisconsin Avenue
Conference Room 101B
Milwaukee WI.

Door Open at 1:30PM

Hosted by MARCUS WHITE, Vice President of Community Partnerships for the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

Host Marcus White will ask our guests: Is the earth's climate at the tipping point? What must we do now to secure our energy future?

Guests include author and physicist James Hansen, hydro-geologist Zelma Maine-Jackson, and MATC geoscientist, George Stone.

We are on break the next 2 weeks for MPTV's spring pledge drive. Join us again on Thursday, March 21, noon, when we are back at Historic Turner Hall.

Check our website for guest information:

The forums are free and open to the public. Come with a friend and join the conversation.

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