Kids in the Kitchen

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Cinnamon Stars


  • 2 slices oatmeal or whole-wheat bread
  • 2 teaspoons light cream cheese
  • Cinnamon

Materials Needed

  • Cutting board
  • Timer
  • Butter knife
  • Cookie sheet
  • Measuring spoons
  • Oven mitts
  • Hot pad
  • Star-shaped cookie cutters


  1. Place the bread on the cutting board and cut star shapes from the center of the bread slices. (You can use the crusts for bread crumbs or croutons.)
  2. Place the stars on a cookie sheet, then put your oven mitts on and place the pan under the broiler of an oven. Turn the broiler on, set the timer, and cook the stars for 3 minutes or until browned.
  3. Put your oven mitts back on and remove the pan from the oven. Place the pan on a hot pad or transfer the stars to a cool platter and spread the cream cheese with a butter knife on one side of the stars.
  4. Sprinkle cinnamon over the cream cheese

*** Light cream cheese has half as much fat as regular cream cheese. This recipe serves 2 people.

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