Kids in the Kitchen

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Cucumber Sandwiches


  • 8-ounce package cream cheese
  • 7-ounce package dry Italian-style salad dressing mix
  • 1-pound loaf of cocktail rye bread (or whole wheat slices cut into quarters)
  • cucumber, thinly sliced

Materials Needed

  • Small mixing bowl
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Sharp Knife for cutting
  • Table knife for spreading
  • Cutting board


  1. Mix the whipped cream cheese and dry Italian-style dressing in a small bowl.
  2. Spread equal portions of the mixture on the bread.
  3. Top each with a slice of cucumber.

*** In addition to your cucumber- topped sandwiches, you may want to enjoy some additional veggie toppings such as chopped carrots, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes.

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