Computer Reminders

If you use a computer to “surf” the internet, there are a few important safety rules you should remember.

  1. Do NOT give out personal information such as your address, telephone number, parents' work address or telephone number or the name and location of your school without your parents' permission. Not everyone using a computer is a friend.
  2. Tell your parents right away if any information makes you feel uncomfortable. You don't have to respond to anyone who is mean or in any way makes you feel uneasy.
  3. Stay away from sites that are just for adults. There are plenty of sites for kids that have the kind of information and interactive activities that will interest you.

If you do not have your own computer, you can visit your library to see if they have internet access. Using the computers at the library is FREE. (While you are at the library, spend time browsing through the books. Check some out and read them at home.)

For more information, please call: Darlyne Haertlein, Community Relations Supervisor at (414) 297-7518.