2014 PBS Kids Writer Contest Awards

MPTV’s 2014 PBS Kids Writers Contest Awards

Thanks to all of the young writers and illustrators in southeastern Wisconsin who participated in MPTV’s local contest. We hope you enjoyed the experience of writing and illustrating your own book. In our book, each of you are winners.

This year we received 486 entries. Your books explored family, community, and a world of imaginary places. We know you worked many hours on your creations and we appreciate all of the hard work you put into it. Our judges were delighted to read each of your books. Those chosen for special recognition are listed below.

MPTV’s PBS Kids Writers Contest 2014 Awards



  • Benji J. First - “The Band”
  • Owen M., Second - “My Baby Sister”
  • Ryan R., Third - “The Rossi Farm”
  • Emily O., Special Merit - “My Dad”
  • Isabelle S., Special Merit - “Twelve Pirates”

First Grade

  • Sam E., First - “Survival Guide to South Dakota”
  • Sean L., Second - “The Robot Party”
  • Zylia K., Third - “How to Get Rid of a Monster”
  • Sophia M., Special Merit - “The Tallest Flower”
  • Ella Y., Special Merit - “Emergency!”

Second Grade

  • Blake L., First - “Cloudy Days”
  • Evey S. G., Second - “My Silly Sister Celi”
  • Joshua R., Third - “The Magical Swing in My Backyard”
  • Donis L. T., Special Merit - “S-Dog the Superhero”
  • Kylie G., Special Merit - “Lost”
  • Riya Mathews., Special Merit - “Nervous Nicole”

Third Grade

  • Himani C., First - “Elephantasia”
  • JJ S., Second - “Space Trip”
  • Noah M., Third - “Bob the Lion”
  • Ella T., Special Merit - “The Tale of the White Tail”
  • Seliz A., Special Merit - “On Grandpa‚Äôs Farm”

MPTV Education Award (Drawing Class Scholarship)

Alexis W. - “I Love Winter”

MPTV will honor our award winners with a reception on June 25th. Invitations with more details will be coming soon. With the exception of those listed above, all other books will be returned by May 30th.

We hope you will participate again in next year’s contest. Check back with us in the fall for more information about upcoming writing and illustrating workshops.

Thanks to the Harley-Davidson Foundation for its support of the MPTV’s PBS Kids 2014 Writers Contest.

Harley-Davidson Foundation

Special thanks to the Betty Brinn Children's Museum, Artist and Display, and the Kiwanis Club for their prize donations.