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[Original Airdate: May 14, 2014]

Black Men in Prison special.

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Segment #1
Black Men in Prison: Pt. 1

Community Resources-Criminal Justice Partnerships

THE ALMA CENTER Works to break the cycle of domestic violence in families. 414-265-0100

THE BENEDICT CENTER Works with victims, offenders, and the community to insure a system of justice that is fair and treats everyone with respect. 414-347-1774

THE CENTER FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY Partners with schools, government and others to develop family- strengthening programs 414-332-0050

FREE AT LAST MINISTRIES Offers support to inmates, including at the House of Correction. 414-264-4050

GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF SE WISCONSIN Provides training, employment and support services for people with disabilities or disadvantages 414-358-6525

THE LEGAL AID SOCIETY OF MILWAUKEE One of the nation's oldest public interest law firm providing free legal services to 8,000 people a year. 414-727-5300

MILWAUKEE INNER-CITY CONGREGATIONS ALLIED FOR HOPE MICAH is a multi-racial interfaith organization committed to addressing justice issues that have an impact on the community. 414-264-0805

MILWAUKEE COMMUNITY JUSTICE COUNCIL An organization of criminal justice agencies, elected officials and others, who work to make the justice system fair, efficient, and effective.

MILWAUKEE FATHERHOOD INITIATIVE Works with fathers; offers a number of programs to help them be involved in the lives of their children. 414-286-5653

PROJECT RETURN An interfaith ministry that helps former inmates make a positive and permanent return to the community. 414-374-8029

TABLE OF THE SAINTS A Diverse group of men committed to saving youth from the prison system. Most members are former offenders. 414-234-6077

U.S. EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION (EEOC) Federal agency responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or employee.

WISCONSIN COMMUNITY SERVICES A non-profit organization with more than forty programs including the Court Services and Community Alternatives Division and the Residential Re-entry Services Division. 414-290-0400

WISDOM A statewide coalition of faith groups whose 11X15 campaign aims to cut the prison population in half (to 11,000) by the end of 2015. 414-831-2070

WORD OF HOPE MINISTRIES A faith based community ministry, its programs include prison re-entry, employment services, social services, and health care. 414-447-1965