Host of I Remember

Jim Peck


Jim Peck, an Emmy-winning veteran talk show host and news anchor, hosts I REMEMBER. He also hosted I REMEMBER MILWAUKEE which began in 1995 and preceded the current program. A native of Milwaukee, he adds his own memories and perspectives to the series.

Peck has been the host of three ABC network game shows, The Big Showdown, Hot Seat, and Second Chance. His nationally syndicated shows include The Joker's Wild, Three's a Crowd, and You Don't Say. He has hosted several talk shows including LA In The Morning, AM San Francisco, and Good Morning America.

His Washington program, Take It From Here, earned Peck an award from the National Association of Television Programming Executives for the best locally produced talk show in America. He received his Emmy for an in-depth interview with Barbara Walters.

Other highlights of Peck's career include hosting two ABC specials and serving as host for home shopping programs. A graduate of Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, Peck is now a senior advancement officer for Marquette.

Jim Peck Recalls His Past

Milwaukee native Jim Peck always wanted to be a performer. He earned a degree at Marquette University in psychology, but the field did not intrigue him.

As a child he had loved center-stage. His lively personality inspired one of his teachers at St. Monica's in Whitefish Bay to shoo her precocious student into a local children's theatre. Soon, Peck said, he was playing roles such as "The Red Rider" and loving every minute.

"Some performers get really nervous and frightened, but I get `stage calm.' I feel as though nothing bad can happen when I'm out there."

Peck spent 19 years in Los Angeles hosting several national games shows including "The Joker's Wild" and "Hot Seat." During his 40-year television career, he also has been a news anchor, talk show host, and interviewer, as well as making guest hosting appearances on Good Morning America.

The key to his success as an interviewer, according to Peck, is the ability to listen. As host of Milwaukee Public Television's "I Remember," he has talked with hundreds of people who have stories to tell about their families, their experiences, and their accomplishments.

"First, I find out as much about them as I can--I read everything available," the program host said. He also tries to put himself in their shoes and to think about how they might approach various issues.

Then, as the interview reveals the story, "I listen, I really listen...I am very interested in what they have to say and I want to understand what they are telling me."

One of Peck's worst moments was an on-camera encounter with a tax expert who froze with stage-fright. Peck realized that the perspiring, white-faced man was about to faint and called an unscheduled break for commercials. He spent the next two minutes helping his guest gather his wits and then finished the show.

Among his favorite guests are Madeleine Albright, Helen Thomas, Mary Higgins Clarke, Sidney Sheldon and Michael Cudahy. His all-time favorite is former Milwaukee Mayor Frank Zeidler who made him realize that Milwaukee has a fascinating history.

Peck returned to Wisconsin in 1993 and eventually became a fundraiser for Marquette University. He began hosting "I Remember" in 1996 and "Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News" at WTMJ radio in 2006. He and his wife, Colleen, live in Whitefish Bay.