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I Remember - Program #1820 -- School Sisters of St. Francis

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Episode Description

[Original Airdate: March 19, 2012]

Founded by two strong women on a mission, the School Sisters of St. Francis began in Wisconsin during the 1870s. Since then, they've expanded their mission and now serve internationally. Guests Sr. Barbaralie Stiefermann, SSSF, and Sr. Frances Cunningham, SSSF join host Jim Peck to highlight the story, including the founding of Alverno College.

Episode #1820

Guest Info

Segment #1
School Sisters of St. Francis

Jane Bieterman

Sister Barbaralie Stiefermann, SSSF
Director, Alfons Gallery
Board Member, Alverno College

Sister Frances Cunningham, SSSF
Director, World Mission Ministries