About Outdoor Wisconsin

Thursdays at 9:00pm with repeats Saturdays at 9:00am on MPTV 10.1 and 36.2

Outdoor Wisconsin

The goal of Outdoor Wisconsin is to help viewers understand and respect the natural resources on which our many forms of outdoor recreation depend. By traveling across the state of Wisconsin, the program introduces newcomers to a variety of outdoor activities and provides seasoned outdoor enthusiasts with a vicarious experience when they can't be there themselves.

Outdoor Wisconsin takes viewers to all parts of the state in all four seasons in an effort to help them understand, respect, and appreciate our natural resources. Segments include hunting, fishing, camping, biking, conservation, wildlife observation, and safety. The cast of the series includes host Dan Small, Tom Newbauer, Debby Wolniak,and Judy Nugent.

Entering its 26th season, Outdoor Wisconsin presents a vital service to viewers in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. Outdoor Wisconsin is Milwaukee Public Television's longest running local production and consistently ranks, according to Nielsen numbers, in the top 20 of all public television programs seen in the Milwaukee area.

The reason for this unprecedented popularity stems from the program's broad scope. Unlike other outdoor programs, Outdoor Wisconsin is not limited to just hunting and fishing. It goes beyond, offering segments on habitat management, endangered species, pollution abatement, and conservation. Outdoor Wisconsin also features topics such as wild flora and fauna identification; the renovation of historic pioneer homes; Native American cultural sites and crafts; and demonstrations of creating a suitable habitat that will attract and shelter uncommon, indigenous species of birds. With such a strong commitment made to preservation of the state's cultural and natural resources, it is easy to understand the overwhelming and enthusiastic response of viewers to Outdoor Wisconsin.
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