Outdoor Wisconsin Theme Song

“OUTDOOR WISCONSIN” Lyrics and Audio

Lyrics To “Outdoor Wisconsin”
Theme by Warren Nelson


  • Summer to fall ..... winter to spring.
  • From Green Bay to where the St. Croix sings.
  • From Kettle Moraine to Superior’s shore.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.


  • Flash of a white-tail movin’ thru the pine.
  • The long vowel of the owl in the evening.
  • Loon on the lake, a muskie on the line.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.......
  • Free yourself like an eagle in the air.
  • Feed yourself like a bear in the blackberry.
  • Like a hawk .... perch and stare.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.
  • When the workin’ life is way too much.
  • When you’re in too deep and way out of touch.
  • Lace up your boots .... get out of town.
  • Take a walk in the wild or sit down and listen.
  • Listen to the sounds of the critters of the night.
  • To the wind in the leaves and the little river run.
  • coyote brother howlin’ in the full moonlight.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.
  • Hike, fish, hunt, camp, sail, canoe.
  • Ski,Photograph, laugh, do what you want to.
  • Stick your nose where the wild rose grows.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.
  • Outdoor Wisconsin.
Copyright 1985 - Outdoor Wisconsin

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