Return to Pearl

MPTV Return to Pearl Honor Roll
MPTV viewers honor those who have served, or are serving, our country in times of war:

Fred Abendroth
Firman Balza
Lester Beck
Reuben Beck
Raymond A. Beine
George Belaire
Maurise Benson
Francis Bitters
Ralph Bitters
Ruben Bitters
Rolland Briar
Marcel Brow
Ivan Brueggemann
Robert A. Burgermeister
John Cage
Arthur Ciesinski
Paul H. Claus
David R. Cuplin
Leo Wayne Daugherty
Charles Davis, Jr.
Carl Deyak
Bernard DuChateau
Albert Bud Elliott
Charles J. Esau
Dal Feldmann
Alfred H. Fortkamp
Randy Fortkamp
Harold Franz
Walter Gadow
Jayne Eernisse Gates
Joseph Gaura
Adrian G. Gehl
William H. George
Leonard Gigowski
William A. Hall
Bill Hamrick
Norman Hass
Robert W. Hazard
Dr. Joseph Himes
George Hutton
Raymond Jajtner
Daniel Jarecki
Gordon V Jensen
Jerry Jerome
Rev. Larry Jonas, SJ
Ardell Kiefer
Frederick King
Lee Knurr
Leroy Knurr
Ewald Koch
Paul Koester
Keese Konnolly
Edward Kortucai
Troy Kosmicki
Herbert Krawcyk
Cliff Krawczyk
Arthur Kruchell
Ethan Krumnow
LeRoy Kucharski
Glenn H. Lane
Delbert Lansom
Edward M. Lebanowski
George Lloyd
Leo Lorelecki
Elbon L. McGraw
Brenson McKee
James McKee
Lawrence P. Marsch
Jessie Messerschmidt
Diana Metz
Herbert W. Meyer
Edward Miklavcic
Bud Mundy
Donald Mundy
Walter Oestreich
Dan Patrick
Amos Peterson
Joe Poczekaj
Arthur Price
Eugene Price
Glen Price
Harry Price, Jr.
James Price
Milston Price
Dale Reich
Gilbert Sabeal
Mark Schaitel
Al Schleim
Walter L. Schoonover
Leonard Schrausnagel
Elmer ”Babe“ Sell
Herb Sering
Dwight Shanks
Elizabeth Sixteco
Edward Stanislawski
Xavier Stanislawski
James Stansfield
Michael J. Steger
Clyde Stephenson
Robert A. Stewert
Boyd W. Stone
Edward Straley
Joseph Sweeney
Stuart Sweeny
Ken Sweet
Robert E. Templin
Lonnie C. Todd
Joseph VanTuyle
Elroy Venske
Victor Walczak
Tony Wedward
Harold Weinsheim
Walter Wendt
Eugene Wesley
Daniel Wisniewski
John H. Witamyer III
Ronald J. Wnuk
Bob Zoss

Thank you for your service.

Return to Pearl

In this Milwaukee Public Television documentary, host Mark Siegrist travels with nineteen World War II veterans from around Wisconsin who returned to Pearl Harbor in June of 2012 to capture their memories, stories, thoughts and feelings about the event that catapulted the United States into World War II. For many of the veterans, this will be their first time talking about their experiences. These nineteen veterans were stationed at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese Air Force bombed it in 1941. They will be traveling with guardians as part of the Old Glory Honor Flight. They will visit the USS Arizona Memorial, the Submarine Base, and other locations of historical importance. On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese Navy attacked the United States naval base at Pearl Harbor. The attack was an effort to keep the US Pacific Fleet from interfering with military actions Japan was planning in southeast Asia against territories of the US, UK and Netherlands. During the attack, 2.402 Americans were killed and another 1,282 were injured. All 8 US Navy battleships were hit, 4 were sunk; 6 were raised and later returned to the War. The surprise attack brought the United States into World War II which ended in May 1945 in Europe, and in August 1945 in Asia. WWII changed the political alignment and social structure of the world and saw the first use of nuclear weapons in combat.

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