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David Baule joined Milwaukee Public TV in 1968. He was the Instructional Chair of the TV & Video Production Division at the Milwaukee Area Technical College, and the computer network administrator for the television stations. David has received numerous awards for the Tracks Ahead series, as well as an Emmy for Technical Achievement. He is also responsible for authoring the after market DVDs. "I have enjoyed trains since I was a child," David says. "It has been great fun to combine work with my

Gail Grzybowski joined Milwaukee Public TV in 1991. As a production engineer, her primary responsibilities are field and post-production sound capture and editing. She is responsible for the conversion of the audio in season 6 to the surround sound format. Gail says that she caught the audio bug at age 7, after her father would bring home old reel-to-reel tape recorders from garage sales.

She is a Wisconsin native and loves to capture sound. "Ever since I was a little kid, I thought that sounds were really a nifty thing," says Gail. "The job that I have has allowed me to capture and manipulate sound to enhance the video story." She has received two Emmy's for her work with sound engineering. Gail holds a degree from the Milwaukee Area Technical College and has interned as several recording studios in the Milwaukee and Chicago area. Gail is a musician and is accomplished on several instruments, but loves the keyboard. She is an animation enthusiast, and enjoys kayaking and biking, with an occasional bungee jump thrown in.

John McKay joined Milwaukee Public TV in 1981.He is a production supervisor for the television stations, and brings thirty years of experience to the Tracks Ahead series. He has received an Emmy for his videography on the Tracks Ahead series.

"Taping the series allowed me to really become familiar with the new high definition digital technology," says John. "It is truly amazing what you can see and do with this new format." John holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin and University of Miami. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and is an avid Pez collector.