Sustainer Membership Program

Supporting MPTV could not be easier than this!

Members who participate in the Sustainer Membership Program of MPTV make ongoing monthly gifts through automatic bank transfers (EFT) or automatic credit/debit card deductions.

By choosing to have a sustaining membership, you provide Milwaukee Public Television with the continuing support needed to secure the future of your favorite programs, as well as ensuring that new programs and services are made available to our entire viewing community.

Why Become a Sustaining Member?

  • Your membership never expires. Monthly memberships are perpetual and don't require us to send you any renewal reminders!
  • Convenient! No need to receive installment invoices from us or to remember when to mail a check.
  • A regulated stream of income allows us to put funds to what really matters to you: the programs seen on MPTV.

Becoming a Sustainer Member allows you the convenience of regular membership payments, selected by you in addition to automatic renewals. Membership renewal reminders will not be sent to you, but rather a statement will be sent when we renew your membership so that you can update your pledge amount or method of payment for a coming year.

Becoming a Sustainer Member really is easy.

To have monthly deductions come from a bank account…

Please download and print the Sustainer Funds Transfer Form and mail this completed form along with a cancelled or voided check to:

700 West State Street
Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443

To have deductions applied to your credit/debt card…

Please complete the online contribution form with your appropriate card information.

Please note that Sustaining Memberships will be automatically renewed each year unless we are notified in writing by you.

Making changes to your current monthly deduction amount or method of payment can be made by calling the Member Services Hotline at 414-297-8020 Monday–Friday, 8:30–5:00 or by emailing

For more information about your rights as a Sustaining Member, please view our Sustainer Bill of Rights.

When including Milwaukee Public Television in your donation, please use the designation "MPTV Fund." All contributions to support Milwaukee Public Television are administered by MPTV's Development Department and are deposited solely for use by MPTV in the MPTV Fund within the MATC Foundation, a not-for-profit organization under Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3).