Thinking Inside the Box

Summer at MPTV: Vision 2057 and New Productions

by Ellis Bromberg, General Manager of MPTV

Hi, I'm Ellis Bromberg, General Manager of Milwaukee Public Television, and this is the set of "I Remember," which airs Mondays at 6:30 on MPTV-10 and MPTV-HD.

It's hosted by Jim Peck who does a great job interviewing interesting people about their lives and their current activities, and I'd encourage you to tune in.

I'm here today because the studio is quiet, and I thought it would be a good place to tape my very first video column for mptv-dot-org, our website.

I've been WRITING my on-line column, "Thinking Inside The Box" for a number of years now, but television, which I write about, is a visual medium, and it has occurred to me and others at MPTV that there's no reason why the column written by the manager of a TV station shouldn't be delivered by video.

So this is it, the first "Thinking Inside the Box" that's actually done inside a box - well, a computer for now.

What I've always tried to do is to give you an idea of the issues and initiatives on our plate at MPTV, and as we enter summer 2008, here are some of the things we are thinking about a lot.

First up, the staff and I will be working with a community committee, the Vision 2057 Task Force to look at the future of our station. 2057 is the year MPTV will be 100 years old. We're halfway there (we're 50) and we've been talking a lot about the ways the television and broader media landscape is changing, and what effect that will have on us, our future, our funding - frankly, our long range survival. So we've assembled a group of 27 leaders in business, the arts, media, and education to advise us on best ways to govern our stations for the next 50 years, whether we should seek new facilities (and if so what kind of facilities), and new ways to serve our community through outreach. We'll see what the Task Force recommends, probably by September.

We're also working on a number of intriguing documentaries, performance programs, a new science program produced in partnership with Discovery World, and much more. In June, we have the premiere of our new gardening series GARDEN PATHS with Jodi Olson, and an in-depth documentary on violence in the inner city, NO MINOR CRIME produced and hosted by Keith Murphy. So we have a very busy summer

Next time, I'll tell you about some big changes we're making to our digital station lineup in late summer.

Thanks for joining me for my first video column, and please drop me a line or call if you have comments or questions about MPTV, our programming and other services to the community. And have a great summer!