Thinking Inside the Box

Celebrating Local on MPTV

by Ellis Bromberg, General Manager of MPTV

Hi, Ellis Bromberg with another video "Thinking Inside the Box."

You know, unlike cable networks, Milwaukee Public TV is locally owned and operated.

Of course, we're very proud to carry the best national public television programming you can find -- news and public affairs, the works of great contemporary and classical artists, quality children's programming, drama, science, lifelong learning, and so much more.

But we take our responsibility seriously to serve southeastern Wisconsin with programs made just for you about topics and people and events you care about. Our series and specials are often community collaborations, like 4th STREET FORUM: that's our weekly televised town hall meeting, a partnership with the Milwaukee Turners. Or our FACING THE HOME MORTGAGE CRISIS initiative, which has involved 17 area agencies working with us to help our neighbors who are facing foreclosures. We also have a terrific group of local independent producers, writers, and on-air talent who bring their innovative ideas and unique voices to our airwaves, and you've seen their work on MPTV in such local doucumentaries as GRIDLOCK, RIVERWEST, and EDERMIRA'S JOURNEY.

In addition to a regular stream of our own MPTV productions, like THE GREAT CIRCUS PARADE, NATIONAL PARKS: WISCONSIN, THE PRINCIPALS, and the Emmy-nominated NATURE IN THE CITY, we offer eight weekly series, which may be the record among all public TV stations.

Sometimes I think we don't thank you often enough for your support which makes it all possible. But this December, during our annual on-air membership drive, we're going to change that a bit.

For nearly a full week in December, you will see programs produced at MPTV, in addition to the eight weekly series I just mentioned: new specials like WHAT ARE YOU? MIXED RACES IN MILWAUKEE and THE EARLY STORIES OF JOHN McGIVERN... and some old favorites like LES PAUL'S PABST THEATER CONCERT and THINGS THAT AREN'T HERE ANYMORE.

Now, during the breaks for each of these locally produced programs, we're going to give viewers the opportunity to leverage their gifts through a challenge fund. All new member gifts of any amount will be matched dollar for dollar from that fund. So, for instance, a new member $100 donation will result in $200 to the station, a $40 gift $80, and so on.

I can promise you that the greater our success in December, the more new and engaging programs we can offer you on MPTV -- and the more local productions we can green-light.

It should be a lot of fun, and I hope you'll join us for these wonderful local programs, and obviously consider a contribution of your own when they air.

Thanks for now, and I'll see you again next month.