Thinking Inside the Box

Lots To Enjoy This Summer on MPTV

by Ellis Bromberg, General Manager of MPTV

Hi, Ellis Bromberg with another video "Thinking Inside the Box."

I've mentioned before in this column how extensive I think the special events and festivals, the arts, the sports, the great cultural attractions are in our part of the country. Particularly in the summer, this is such a great place to live, and to get outside.

We think MPTV is part of that landscape. When you're not out and about, and you're home for the evening -- or the afternoon, for that matter -- we do have a role to play in providing entertainment and information you can't find anywhere else.

This summer, I think we've put together a wonderful schedule on our stations, a lot to enjoy. Let me tell you about a few of the shows that you'll want to catch.

Lots of folks look to us for great cooking series, and we've got a new one, produced by MPTV, that is just great for the summer: COOKING RAW. It's great for the summer because co-hosts Caroline Carter and her daughter Shenita Ray don't use ovens, and don't use microwaves, and they don't use meat. They use all natural products -- like nuts and fruits, vegetables and seasonings -- combined in a food processor to make tacos, and Italian food, chocolate mousse, key lime pie, even burgers. It's something different, and I think you'll enjoy it. COOKING RAW, Saturday mornings at 11 on Channel 10.

We're also getting a lot of great response to our new series ARTS DIGEST, and hosts Jon Anne Willow and Tom Strini use their summer episode to show us Milwaukee's Lynden Sculpture Gardens, listen to music from the Latino Arts Strings and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and show us a very impressive hand-crafted furniture collection. They'll also visit the Racine Art Museum, and John McGivern will be along to introduce us to the aspiring artists at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. ARTS DIGEST is shown multiple times throughout July and August -- you can find the dates and times right here on

We've got some very special evenings of music, too, shot in gorgeous HD. Livingston Taylor was recently in Cedarburg to perform a varied program of folk music, pop, jazz, and his own top-40 hits, and our cameras were there to record it. LIVINGSTON TAYLOR IN CONCERT premieres July 15 at 9 p.m. on Channel 10.

In August, I'm also looking forward to the VIENNA PHILHARMONIC SUMMER NIGHT CONCERT taped in the beautiful gardens of the Schoenbrunn Palace, and LIVE FROM LINCOLN CENTER, a performance of the Tony Award-winning musical SOUTH PACIFIC just days before the curtain comes down on its triumphant run on Broadway.

A few years ago, the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW crew came to Milwaukee -- you may remember that. We worked closely with them on tapings which attracted thousands and thousands of folks to get appraisals. We will repeat those three ANTIQUES ROADSHOW episodes, taped at the old Midwest Airlines Center, Mondays at 7 p.m. on Channel 10 beginning August 16.

Finally, we will deal with some important matters, too. You know, this summer marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and we'll offer a number of programs that look back at that event and the status of communities there today. And with the oil spill creating yet another crisis in that region, we're hoping to dispatch our own OUTDOOR WISCONSIN team to the Gulf to report on the potential impact the latest tragedy will have on waterfowl here in Wisconsin. It's a surprising and troubling story.

MPTV is also providing coverage of BLUE FOOTPRINT: THE ANNUAL WATER SUMMIT in Milwaukee, hosted by Dan Jones, and a debate among the candidates for governor in Wisconsin, hosted by Mike Gousha. Those two programs will air on back-to-back nights, August 24 and 25.

So we have a busy season ahead of us, helping to keep you entertained and informed when you're in front of your TV set or in front of your computer. Enjoy your summer, and I'll speak with you again next month about an important program initiative and channel lineup changes we're planning for the fall. I'll see you then.