Letter from Ellis Bromberg & Kim Sosa

Letter from Ellis & Kim

September 1, 2014

When we ask donors about the kind of programming they like to watch on MPTV, we get so many diverse answers, because of the diverse nature of the programs we broadcast and stream!

A few genres that really jump out at us recently are history and entertainment programming.  With that in mind, we are excited to share so much from these genres (and others, too!) when you turn the pages of this month’s Fine Tuning Magazine.

Ken Burns returns to PBS this month with the premiere of The Roosevelts: An Intimate History.  Over 14 hours, Burns’ takes an extraordinary in-depth look at Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt in the first-ever major documentary to weave all three individuals from America’s most prominent and influential family in American politics.  The sweeping timeframe of 1858 (Theodore’s birth) to 1962 (Eleanor’s death) encompasses the vast change and impact the United States experienced both domestically and internationally.  The first episodes of The Roosevelts: An Intimate History debut on September 14.

If you enjoy both history and entertainment, tune in on September 1st for The Beatles Invade Milwaukee.  Recount the time 50 years ago when The Beatles stopped in Milwaukee during their 25 city tour with DJ Bob Barry, musicologist Joel Whitburn and several individuals who were at the show. 

Great entertainment programs premiere on MPTV this month during our Fall Fundraising Campaign to support the station.  Stay nostalgic with 50s and 60s Rock Rewind, discover how an enormous T-Rex comes to life in a live arena setting in Making of Walking of Walking with Dinosaurs and tune in to Return to Downton Abbey for a refresher on the first 4 seasons in anticipation of new episodes premiering in January.

Enjoy this month’s programs on MPTV.  We’ll be watching right with you!

Ellis Bromberg                                   Kim Sosa

General Manager                            Director of Membership