Letter from Ellis Bromberg & Kim Sosa

Letter from Ellis & Kim

March 1, 2014

Do you remember the first time you made a donation to support public television? Odds are that an MPTV fundraising drive was the moment you went from being a viewer of Channels 10 and 36 to a financial partner of MPTV. Each year, over 9,000 individuals make contributions during "Pledge Drives". And, each one of those individuals has a different reason for supporting.

Some give to support music programs which introduce our viewers to new artists, or bring about some great nostalgia from the past. Others tune into PBS partners like Suze Orman and Dr. Wayne Dyer who bring lifestyle observations that might help us learn a little bit about ourselves. And still, others like to see programs on MPTV, such as Around the Corner with John McGivern and Wisconsin Foodie, that make our stations different from those in other states. Finally, many MPTV supporters have an annual tradition of renewing membership when we conduct a fundraising drive. The one thing we all share is the desire to support MPTV as a vibrant service to all of the communities we live in.

We invite you to tune in over the next two weeks to discover some special new programs set to air, and to call in or visit online to support the offerings you'll see. Of course, your contribution doesn't just support a couple of weeks of shows; it supports 365 days of commercial-free, quality programs that you really cannot find anywhere else with your remote control.
We look forward to presenting all of the programs you'll see in this month's issue of Fine Tuning. For a donor like you, we know you'll find some of your favorites throughout the month. And, for viewers watching in the next few weeks, we are excited to welcome them as MPTV supporters during our March Fundraising Drive.

Thank you for your support of Milwaukee Public Television.