MPTV Premieres & Highlights: December 2009

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles

December 1st / 8:30 / MPTV 10.1 HD

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles
They look like the Beatles, and band members sound just like them! Rain shows audiences what Beatlemania was all about. The group covers the Fab Four from the earliest beginnings through the psychedelic late `60s and the long-haired hippie, hard-rocking rooftop days. The group's performance is a multi-media, multi-dimensional experience--it performs Beatles tunes and fuses historical footage and more into the show.

Brain Fitness Frontiers

December 1st / 7:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

A look is taken at how ordinary people are using their brain plasticity to effect lasting and even astonishing changes. Neuroscience research is proving that our own neuroplasticity holds the key to previously unimaginable and amazing transformations. Peter Coyote hosts.

Magic Moments--The Best of '50s Pop (My Music #102)

December 3rd / 10:30 / MPTV 10.1 HD

Hosted by Mary Lou Metzger, Phyllis McGuire, Pat Boone, Debbie Reynolds, and Patti Page, this special features a cavalcade of 1950s pop music recording legends, reuniting and performing their biggest hits. Tribute montages also highlight the superstar '50s pop icons, who have passed on in recent years.

Motown Memories (My Music)

December 3rd / 8:00 / MPTV 36.1

Archival hits and rare interviews from five Motown Legends are featured, including: The Temptations, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Diana Ross & The Supremes and Marvin Gaye. Mary Wilson, one of the original members of The Supremes hosts.


December 3rd / 9:30 / MPTV 36.1

Today's boogie woogie artists perform and trace the development of this uniquely American music from its roots in the train and lumber camps of Texas and Louisiana, to its influence on rock 'n' roll. Conversations and performances with Jerry Lee Lewis, boogie woogie pioneer Pinetop Perkins, Marcia Ball, Henry Gray and newcomer Little Red Clay show how boogie woogie is a force in bringing people joyfully together.

Peter, Paul and Mary: Carry It On--A Musical Legacy

December 5th / 8:00 / MPTV 10.1 HD

The four decade-long career of Peter Yarrow, Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Travers is chronicled. The Trio recalls the beginnings of the cultural revolution of the 1960s, when music emerged as a unifying force midst the hopeful, idealistic and sometimes turbulent, movements of social change. Rare archival performances are featured, including "Blowin' in the Wind" from the 1963 March on Washington where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his legendary speech.

Andre Rieu Live In Dresden: Wedding at the Opera

December 5th / 4:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Recorded at Dresden's Semper Opera House in 2008, this musical confection from André Rieu is both a concert and a real wedding party in one of the world's most beautiful opera houses. The charming bride and groom, part of the famous Vienna Debutantes, are joined by 40 pairs of dancers from the Elmayer Dance School in Vienna, as well as sopranos Mirusia Louwerse and Carmen Monarcha, the Platinum Tenors, baritone Morschi Franz and the Johann Strauss Orchestra and Choir.

Connie Talbot's Holiday Magic

December 5th / 6:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

The acclaimed eight-year-old and finalist in "Britain's Got Talent" lends her angelic voice to holiday classics and fan favorites. Readers can listen to the singing sensation at Repeats SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2009 /7:00 PM / 10.1

Great Performances

Andrea Bocelli & David Foster: My Christmas in Concert

December 5th / 6:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

David Foster joins superstar Andrea Bocelli for a Christmas concert of holiday classics. Recorded at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, the program also features special guests Natalie Cole, Mary J. Blige, Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, and The Muppets, as well as a visit with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Among the featured song highlights are "White Christmas," "Oh Holy Night," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town," "Jingle Bells," "Silent Night," "The Christmas Song, " "What Child Is This," and more

Chanukah Celebration

December 6th / 12:03 / MPTV 36.1

Actress Fran Drescher (The Nanny) hosts a fun-filled hour celebrating Chanukah. This entertaining special is filled with stories, ideas, and information to bring new meaning to the holiday season. A Chanukah Celebration features a delicious new dessert from chef, author, and television host Jeff Nathan (New Jewish Cuisine); home celebration and decorating tips from TLC's Teresa Strasser (While You Were Out); musical performances from popular recording artist Craig Taubman; and some very special guest artists; a contemporary telling of the "Eight Lights of Chanukah" by Irwin Kula, leading teacher of Jewish learning and host of Simple Wisdom With Irwin Kula; and the award-winning puppets from Alef...Bet...Blast-Off!

Three Tenors Christmas

December 6th / 8:30 / MPTV 10.1 HD

Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti sing popular Christmas songs like "White Christmas," "Jingle Bells," "Winter Wonderland" and Sleigh Ride," as well as beloved carols and sacred songs such as "O Holy Night," "Adestes Fideles," "Ave Maria, Dolce Maria" and "Amazing Grace." They are accompanied by The Vienna Symphony and joined by the Gumpoldskirchner Spatzen Children's Choir. Taped December 1999 at the Konzerthaus in Vienna and directed by David Mallet.

Doo Wop 50

December 6th / 9:00 / MPTV 36.1

Jerry Butler hosts as the Chantels, the Platters, Gene Chandler and more sing their biggest hits. DOO WOP 50, celebrates five decades of street-corner harmony--an American tradition, with historic once-in-a-lifetime performances by more than 20 original groups and performers popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Kitka and Davka in Concert: Old and New World Jewish Music

December 6th / 1:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

A one-hour concert of old and new world Jewish music. Performances by Kitka, Oakland's acclaimed female a cappella ensemble, and Davka, the sensational instrumental Jewish music quartet. The program also features vocalist Stephen Saxon. Recorded in July 2006 before a sold out audience at the Temple Sinai in Oakland, CA. Repeats WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16, 2009 / 10:30 PM / 10.1 HD

Great Performances

Pavarotti: A Life in Seven Arias

December 6th / 5:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

When Luciano Pavarotti died in September of 2007, the world lost one of the greatest voices in all of music. In celebration of Pavarotti's peerless vocal talent and extraordinary international impact, this performance documentary looks back over his legendary career, utilizing the arias with which he was most closely associated as a narrative framework. From his humble origins in Modena, Italy, A Life in Seven Arias follows "the King of the High C's" meteoric rise, spanning through his London debut in La Boheme, his triumph in La Fille du Regiment, and his iconic rendition of "Nessun Dorma." In addition to a treasure trove of classic Pavarotti performances, also featured are new and archival interviews with many of the tenor's friends and colleagues, including Dame Joan Sutherland, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Juan Diego Florez.

John McGivern: The Early Stories

December 6th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Filmed on location throughout Milwaukee, performer John McGivern recalls his childhood days by sharing hilarious stories. John's wit and humor shines, as he talks about growing up as an Irish-Catholic on Bartlett Avenue, going to parochial school, and interacting with family and friends. John visits locations where many of the stories took place, bringing to life the true essence of what it was like growing up during the `60s.
(Filmed in HD)

Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart

December 6th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Musical director and composer David Downes and the five women who comprise Celtic Woman perform at the historic Powerscout House and Gardens in Enniskerry, County Wicklow.

Les Paul: Pabst Theater Concert

December 8th / 8:30 / MPTV 10.1 HD

Guitar legend, music innovator, and Waukesha native Les Paul celebrates his 93rd birthday at Milwaukee's Pabst Theatre with an electrifying performance. Bassist Jay Leonhart, pianist John Colianni, and rhythm guitarist Lou Pallo play "I Can't Get Started With You," "Flying Home," "September Song," "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," "Tennessee Waltz," and other greats. Les's special guests also perform: tap dancer Andrew Nemi; vocalist Sonya Hensley; violinist Christian Howes; and, harmonica player/vocalist Jon Paris--a Milwaukee native. (Recorded Summer 2008. Mr. Paul passed away August 2009)

What Are You? Mixed Races in Milwaukee

December 8th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Individuals from mixed races and bi-racial families discuss the challenges of living in a society that seems to always ask, "What Are You?" For some, it is a constant battle of defining, defending, and often discrimination. (Produced by Paul Kaplan)

UltraMind Solution: Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety & Sharpen Your Mind with Mark Hyman, M.D.

December 13th / 11:30 am / MPTV 10.1 HD

Based on his book, The UltraMind Solution, Dr. Mark Hyman shares a revolutionary new method for treating the invisible epidemic of "broken brains" that affects one out of every four people. Based on the emerging field of functional medicine, the cure for brain disorders is outside the brain, in other parts of our bodies, a concept that modern medicine has mostly ignored. Yet, the conclusion from science is irrefutable: by healing our bodies, we will heal our brains automatically. Dr. Hyman discusses the importance of curing the seven key imbalances in our biology.

National Christmas Tree Lighting 2009

December 13th / 1:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Celebrating its 86th year, The National Christmas Tree Lighting signals the start of the holiday season across the country. From President's Park in Washington, D.C., this special includes appearances and performances by some of the most recognizable names in entertainment. The evening's festivities are capped off by a visit from Santa Claus and of course with the ceremonial lighting of the National Christmas Tree--by a very special guest! Repeats MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2009 / 8:00 PM / 36.1

L.A. Holiday Celebration 2009

December 13th / 11:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

This music and dance special highlights the top performances from the LIVE 2008 Holiday Celebration at the Music Center of Los Angeles. The program reflects the cultural mosaic of Los Angeles and the broader "melting pot" of the United States as performers of African, Asian, European and Latino backgrounds join to express the joy of the season.

Pope John Paul II: A Saint for Our Times

December 13th / 2:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

This documentary outlines the key themes of the life and papacy of John Paul II, the longest-serving pope in modern history, as the Vatican completes the process of beatification, the first step toward canonization. The charismatic, influential pontiff died in 2005.

Best of Animusic

December 13th / 3:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

A behind-the-scenes look at how composer/director Wayne Lytle marries cutting-edge computer animations with modern musical grooves to create one-of-a-kind "virtual concerts." Using custom developed, state-of-the-art computer animation software technology, Lytle's unique self-playing graphical instruments are perfectly synchronized to his original digitally created soundtrack.

Things That Aren't Here Anymore

December 13th / 5:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

A selection of Milwaukee's past treasures, which can no longer be visited in person, are visited. Through old photographs, archival footage, and the memories of actual patrons, places that are no longer here anymore, such as favorite downtown shopping spots, restaurants, drive-in movies, and kid spots, are fondly recalled. Radio personality Robb Edwards hosts.

Cantors: A Faith in Song

December 13th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Three of the world's most acclaimed Jewish cantors: Naftali Hershtik, chief cantor of the Great Synagogue, Jerusalem; Benzion Miller, chief cantor at the Youth Israel Beth-El Synagogue of Borough Park, Brooklyn, New York; and Alberto Mizrahi, cantor of the Anshe Emet Synagogue of Chicago perform with a 40-piece orchestra and 16-voice choir in Amsterdam's revered Portuguese Synagogue.

Anatomy of a Pandemic

December 14th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

The major issues surrounding the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus outbreak are examined. Commonly referred to as "swine flu," the current pandemic is used to explore best practices for the U.S. and other world governments when faced with any widespread health emergency. The current outbreak is compared to pandemics of the past, including the 1918 influenza pandemic that caused between 50 and 100 million deaths worldwide and a 1976 government-mandated vaccine program that was shut down due to dangerous side effects. Ray Suarez, senior correspondent for "PBS NewsHour" hosts.

Secrets of the Dead

The Killer Flu

December 14th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Modern scientists in both the U.K. and U.S. are in a desperate race to determine why the 1918 flu pandemic--which killed an estimated 100 million--spread so quickly throughout the world, and with such virulence at the tail end of World War I.


From Jesus to Christ: The First Christians - Pax Romana/A Light to the Nations

December 15th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

FRONTLINE presents the epic story of the rise of Christianity. Drawing upon new and sometimes controversial historical evidence, the series transports viewers back two millennia to the time and place where Jesus of Nazareth once lived and preached and challenges familiar assumptions and conventional notions about the origins of Christianity.

Princesses of the World

December 15th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

A fascinating portrait of the most beautiful and beloved royal women from the past 50 years. The program takes a regal tour of the romance, heartache, tragedy, and controversy that is the life of these modern day fairytale princesses.

Crown Princess Martha: The American Story

December 15th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Crown Princess Martha of Norway was forced by war to flee her adopted country with her three children--moving secretly from house to house, chased by German troops, and fearing for her life and those of her children. She eventually escaped across the Atlantic and in the process, befriended one of the most powerful men in the world. The Norwegian princess's lasting impact on U.S.-Norwegian relations is explored, as well as how her advocacy for her country's behalf during World War II influenced President Franklin D. Roosevelt's famous "Look to Norway" speech. Members of the royal family discuss her leadership, grace, and commitment.

Facing the Mortagage Crisis II

December 16th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Experts explain how to avoid foreclosure, which community organizations offer free assistance, and how to avoid scam artists. A look is also taken at the increasing number of foreclosures, the reasons for the crisis, and what should be done if threatened by foreclosure. Dan Jones hosts. Repeats SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2009 / 3:00 PM / 36.1

Great Performances at the Met


December 16th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Puccini's glorious opera tells the story of three people-a famous opera singer, a free-thinking painter, and a sadistic chief of police-caught in a net of love and politics. Soprano Karita Mattila, recently seen in last season's presentation of Salome, sings the title role for the first time outside her native Finland. Luc Bondy, acclaimed for his imaginative theater and opera productions, directs. The cast also includes Marcelo Alvarez as Cavaradossi and George Gagnidze as Scarpia. James Levine conducts.

Johnstown Flood

December 16th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Both the bright and dark sides of human nature are revealed in this grim portrayal of one of the most catastrophic man-made disasters in history, with a look at the tragic events of May 31, 1889, when one of the worst floods in North America hit Johnstown, PA. Narrator Richard Dreyfuss tells the story, based on accounts of those who survived the 50-foot wall of water, and subsequent greed that devastated the Conemaugh River Valley. On the Friday of the flood, it was raining more than usual, causing water at the South Fork dam to rise. The owner of the dam, The South Fork Fishing and Hunting Club, had disabled the safety spillway, to prevent fish from washing over the dam. Water accumulated, and the massive dam broke, unleashing the 20 million tons of water that was behind it. Thousands of lives were lost.

San Francisco 'quake: A Matter of Seconds

December 16th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

The infamous 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake could not have been more dramatic. Striking just as the entire nation was tuning in to watch the first World Series between two Bay Area teams, the quake caused 63 deaths, more than 2,000 injuries and brought massive destruction to the region. Using extensive news footage and exclusive interviews, the gripping stories are told of the people who were there--survivors, victims, and heroes--detailing what happened to them and how their lives were changed forever by that harrowing day.

Mystery of the Three Kings

December 17th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Celebrated in many parts of the world, the Three Wise Men have magical significance in the birth of Christ. Their mysterious identities and their devotion to Christ have bewitched popular imagination ever since the rise of Christianity. This special unearths the real-life places, people, festivities, and facts behind the exotic legend. From southern Arabia to Ethiopia and Babylon, this program searches for the true origins of the Three Wise Men, and the secrets of the gifts they brought for Jesus. Using stunning location footage, interviews with renowned biblical scholars, computer graphics, Christmas music, and carefully crafted dramatizations, the program brings to life the joy and enchanting mystery of one of the most famous events said to surround Christ's birth. Repeats SUNDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2009 / 7:00 PM / 36.1

Michael McDonald - This Christmas: A Soundstage Special Event

December 17th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Singer Michael McDonald combines yuletide favorites such as "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and "White Christmas" with the Stevie Wonder Motown classic "What Christmas Means to Me" and some of his signature hits for a perfect blend of holiday cheer.

Forgotten War: The Struggle for North America

December 18th / 10:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Two-hundred and fifty years ago, three powers clashed in an epic struggle for North America. Often overshadowed by the American Revolution, the French and Indian War (1755-1760) determined which great European empire would control the Ohio River Valley, the gateway to the West, and the crucial highway of rivers and lakes connecting New York and Montreal. The little-known story is told of how the Indian nations of the Northeast controlled the outcome of this war. An international panel of experts digs beneath the familiar history and shed new light on this long-ago conflict.

Niagara Falls

December 18th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Niagara Falls is more than the celebration of a natural wonder; it is study of the way civilization has related to nature over the centuries. With spectacular videography, on-the-spot interviews, and quirky archival imagery, the program tells the story of nation's first great symbol.

Buffalo Bill: American Experience

December 18th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Buffalo Bill turned the American West into the American story. William "Buffalo Bill" Cody's legendary exploits helped create the myth of the American West--one that endures today. Filmmaker Rob Rapley's documentary draws upon rich archival materials to explore the man behind the legend, revealing the complexity of William Cody's extraordinary life.


Christmas in Yellowstone

December 20th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Wolves, coyotes, elk, bison, bears, and otters make their way through their most challenging season of the year at Yellowstone. As snow falls and the Christmas lights glow in Jackson Hole, a holiday season of a different sort settles in. Breathtaking landscapes of snowcapped peaks and frozen icicles surround the wildlife as they adapt to
the cold conditions. The men who first explored Yellowstone National Park are also profiled.

Christmas with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Featuring Brian Stokes Mitchell and Edward Herrman

December 20th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Tony Award-winner Brian Stokes Mitchell joins the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square in a magnificent Christmas celebration featuring some of the season's most beloved songs. This program also features a reading of "The Christmas Story" by actor Ed Hermann.

Letters to Santa 2009

Milwaukee German Immersion School Choir/Quartet

December 21st / 5:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

In a Christmas wonderland setting, Milwaukee-area children read their letters to Santa; students from Milwaukee German Immersion School's choir sing holiday favorites; excerpts from the "Christmas Story" are read; and, a quartet of siblings sing Christmas carols. Produced by Lori Dilaveri; directed by LC Scatterfield.

Letters to Santa 2009

Santa Reads Letters/Choosing A Christmas Tree/Wish

December 22nd / 5:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Milwaukee-area children attentively listen as Santa reads their letters aloud. Tips are presented on how to find the perfect Christmas tree; and, the story is told of how one boy's Christmas wish came true. Produced by Spencer DeHaven Noel; directed by Steve Sanders.

Letters to Santa 2009

Puppets/Holiday Moose/Claymation

December 23rd / 5:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Puppets perform an entertaining holiday skit; a holiday moose visits Santa and his guests; and, a special presentation of Christmas claymation is featured. Produced by Keith Gaffney; Directed by Brad Poglitsch.

Christmas at St. Olaf: Where Peace and Love and Hope Abide

December 24th / 10:30 / MPTV 10.1 HD

This Christmas special features the five choirs and orchestra of St. Olaf College performing in the college's annual Christmas Festival, a tradition begun by F. Melius Christiansen in 1912 and continued today under the direction of artistic director, Anton Armstrong. More than 500 students in five choirs will perform hymns, carols, choral works and orchestral selections celebrating the Christmas season.

Letters to Santa 2009

Spending Time with Family/Decorations/Cookies

December 24th / 5:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Santa reads the letters of Milwaukee-area children who describe how they spend their time with family over the holidays; the importance of family is discussed; Christmas tree decorations are created; and, cookies are baked for Santa! Produced by Dan Anthony; directed by Jasmine Winters.

Masterpiece Classic

Little Dorrit - Part One

December 24th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

One of Charles Dickens' greatest love stories also has the timely theme of chronic debt and financial collapse. Adapted by screenwriter extraordinaire Andrew Davies ("Bleak House," "Pride and Prejudice"), the five-part miniseries stars Matthew Macfadyen (Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley) as hero Arthur Clennam, newcomer Claire Foy as Amy "Little" Dorrit and Tom Courtenay ("The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner") as her father, who has been incarcerated for 25 years for insolvency. Scores of other great actors appear in this moving tale that was particularly close to Dickens' heart, since his own father did time in debtor's prison. (1 of 5)

It's a Merry Red Green Christmas

December 24th / 8:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

This holiday season, Red demonstrates cooking Christmas dinner; Harold writes a letter to Santa; Red and Bill make a snowman; the Lodge members demonstrate how to put a holiday greeting on your answering machine; and Ranger Gord experiences a Christmas miracle. Also offered are recommendations on choosing pets as Christmas presents and learn the many practical applications for fruitcake. It's the usual comic madness provided in a holiday spirit by Red and his pals.

Christmas with the King Family

December 24th / 9:30 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Legendary entertainers serve up a big dose of seasonal cheer in an ultimate compilation of classic musical moments from their dazzling Christmas specials. The fabulous King Sisters, legendary guitar virtuoso Alvino Rey, '60s sweetheart Tina Cole (My Three Sons) & the King Cousins--plus film favorite Robert Clarke and all the King kiddies.

Beyond Wiseguys: Italian Americans & the Movies

December 26th / 8:17 pm / MPTV 36.1

An in-depth look is taken at Italian Americans in the movies, from early films through the present. Narrated by Paul Borghese, this film features commentary from some of America's greatest Italian-American actors, directors, screenwriters and authors, including: Paul Sorvino, Marisa Tomei, Martin Scorsese, Ben Gazzara, John Turturro, Frank Capra, Jr., Isabella Rosselini, Joe Pesci, and David Chase. Executive producer is John Turturro.


The Sting

December 26th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Harry is dismissed from MI5 after stopping the CIA from extraditing a British citizen, who turns out to be a terrorist.

Paris "City of Dreams"

December 27th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Sandrine Voillet tours the romance capital of the world--Paris. She presents a unique mix of cultural history, travel guide, and insight into contemporary Paris life. Travelling through 400 years of history, she explores the true soul of the city and reveals its secrets--the blood-stained past, treacherous plots, illicit love affairs, and the extraordinary events and people who have shaped the "City of Lights." (1 of 3)

Augustus Saint-Gaudens: Master of American Sculpture

December 27th / 9:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

During a career that spanned three decades, Augustus Saint-Gaudens created nearly 150 works of art, including a number of major public monuments to heroes of the Civil War. The story of his personal life is woven around in-depth studies of five of his major works of art, including the contemplative Standing Lincoln in Lincoln Park, Chicago; the moving Shaw Memorial on Boston Common; the powerful Sherman Monument in Central Park; the serene Diana in the Philadelphia Museum of Art; and the stirring Adams Memorial in Washington, DC. Actor Victor Garber narrates.

Girl's Life

December 30th / 7:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Girls entering adulthood in the next decade will see more opportunities than today's women ever imagined. Researcher and author Rachel Simmons examines the challenges facing young women as they surf the waves of 21st century adolescence. Simmons interviews parents, psychologists, teachers, and social workers who are helping nurture girls into capable, resilient adults. She also talks with four very special girls who tell their own deeply personal tales of dealing with issues like cyber-bullying, body image and violence. With courage and determination, these girls reveal their hopes and dreams for their future.


Patti Smith: Dream of Life

December 30th / 8:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

Shot over 11 years by renowned fashion photographer Steven Sebring, this documentary is an intimate portrait of the legendary rocker, poet and artist. Following Smith's personal reflections over a decade, the film explores her many art forms and the friends and poets who inspired her--William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Bob Dylan, Robert Mapplethorpe and Michael Stipe. She emerges as a crucial, contemporary link between the Beats, punks and today's music. Shot in lush, dark tones, featuring rare performance clips and narrated by the artist herself, "Patti Smith: Dream of Life" is an impressionistic journal of a multi-faceted artist that underscores her unique place in American culture.

Movie: That's Entertainment! (1974)

December 31st / 10:00 pm / MPTV 36.1

Various MGM stars present their favorite musical moments from the studio's 50-year history. This spectacular presentation of the greatest moments from the best movie musicals ever made features memorable film classics from the years 1929 to 1958, including many named Best Picture of the Year. Included: Busby Berkeley routines, a dance from American in Paris with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron, and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Written and directed by Jack Haley Jr.

Live From Lincoln Center

New York Philharmonic New Year's Eve: Hampson, Gershwin, Copland & Broadway

December 31st / 9:00 pm / MPTV 10.1 HD

The New York Philharmonic's New Year's Eve gala, with new music director Alan Gilbert and baritone Thomas Hampson, celebrates all-American music from Gershwin, Copland and Broadway. This glamorous evening features Gershwin's beloved "An American in Paris," Copland's "Appalachian Spring Suite" and "Old American Songs," as well as selections from various Broadway musicals. Alex Baldwin hosts.