MPTV Premieres & Highlights: March 2012

Easy Yoga for Easing Pain

March 2nd / 11:00 am / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Peggy Cappy explains and demonstrates how yoga can increase flexibility, reduce joint and muscular aches and pains--and even fight fatigue. Cappy's participants explain how her program has affected the quality of their lives. (58 min)

In Performance at the White House

"A Broadway Celebration"

March 2nd / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

President and Mrs. Obama host a series of performances by major Broadway artists and new talent, presenting selections from American musicals that reflect the spirit, energy and ambition of America. Nathan Lane is master of ceremonies. Featured artists include Idina Menzel, Brian d'Arcy James, Audra McDonald, Chad Kimball, Marvin Hamlisch, and a youth ensemble from the Joy of Motion Dance Center. (Recorded from the East Room of the White House, July 2010). (56 min)

Healthy Hormones: Brain-Body Fitness

March 3rd / 11:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

A panel of health, fitness and diet experts, including trainer and author Teresa Tapp and New York Times best-selling author Mary Shomon (The Thyroid Diet) discuss the impact of hormones in our daily lives, and offer natural ways to balance our diet, lose weight and reduce inflammation. (59 min)

Spend Well, Live Rich with Michelle Singletary

March 3rd / 1:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Learn how to gain control of your financial life when syndicated Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary presents her "Seven Money Mantras." (88 min)

Joe Bonamassa: Beacon Theatre - Live from New York

March 3rd / 10:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Internationally renowned guitar superstar Joe Bonamassa performs at the legendary Beacon Theatre in New York City. The program features a memorable duet performance with classic rock superstar singer Paul Rodgers (lead singer from Bad Company) and John Hiatt, who is a recipient of Nashville's Music Lifetime Achievement Award for songwriting. (89 min)

Blood Sugar Solution with Dr. Mark Hyman

March 3rd / 12:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Dr. Mark Hyman explains "diabesity" and provides a personalized, four-step plan to overcome it. Dr. Hyman identifies the seven keys to achieving wellness and presents a six-week action plan to identify and address the unique causes of health and weight issues. (87 min)

Sewing with Nancy: Art Quilts - Fusible Collage Workshop

March 3rd / 12:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Nancy Zieman and fiber artists Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson take a workshop approach to making fusible art quilts. Bold fabrics, colors, fusible web, release paper, and creative cutting combine to make art quilts that add a breath of sunshine to any decor. (57 min)

The Distracted Mind with Dr. Adam Gazzaley

March 3rd / 3:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

People everywhere seem to be experiencing an epidemic of overwhelming stimuli. Dr. Adam Gazzaley explores the impact multitasking has on our safety, our education, our careers and our personal lives. He explains how to improve our attentional abilities and our focus as we age. (89 min)

Il Volo Takes Flight

March 3rd / 5:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Italian heartthrobs Il Volo, comprised of the three "Teenage Tenors" Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble perform operatic, pop and Italian classics, showcasing their vocal talent and interpretive gift for music. Filmed at the Detroit Opera House in 2011, Il Volo, meaning "flight," captures the group soaring into stardom. (88 min)

Big Band Vocalists

March 3rd / 6:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

A look is taken back at the greatest "crooners" and "canaries" of the 1940s. Rare, vintage footage features legendary artists and timeless hits by Louis Armstrong, Perry Como, Doris Day, Helen Forest with the Harry James Orchestra, Peggy Lee with The Benny Goodman Orchestra, Johnny Mercer & Margaret Whiting, Jo Stafford & The Pied Pipers with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, and others. Nick Clooney and Peter Marshall host. (117 min)

Celtic Thunder: Voyage

March 3rd / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Celtic Thunder journeys through the varying styles of Celtic and Irish music, from old and traditional standards to more contemporary, modern Irish songs. Performers highlight the diversity of Irish music and song, including 13 year old Daniel Furlong who has joined the group as a guest artist for this recording. Keith Harkin plays guitar on his original song "All Day Long," George and Neil also play guitar on "Cat's in the Cradle" and "Past the Point of Rescue," while Ryan and Emmet pick up the tin whistle and fiddle during the ensemble rendition of "Galway Girl". (117 min)

Ed Slott's Retirement Rescue!

March 3rd / 8:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Ed Slott defines the monumental fiscal problems facing Americans and provides a step-by-step solution to creating a plan of action. (89 min)

Use Your Brain to Change Your Age with Dr. Daniel Amen

March 4th / 11:00 am / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Clinical neuroscientist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen shares simple steps to boost your brain to help you live longer, look younger and dramatically decrease your risk for Alzheimer's disease. (119 min)

Mel Brooks & Carl Reiner: Excavating the 2000 Year Old Man

March 4th / 5:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

A loving look back is taken at the story behind the 2000 Year Old Man comedy routine and the partnership between its two extraordinary creators. Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, two titans of American comedy, fondly recall its genesis. Uberfans Garry Shandling, Paul Reiser, Bob Newhart and Richard Lewis reflect (often hilariously, always adoringly) on its profound impact on them personally and on comedy in general. (60 min)

Under The Streetlamp

March 4th / 7:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Under the Streetlamp performs classic hits from the American radio songbook. The quartet is composed of cast members of the musical Jersey Boys. Their electrifying concert features Doo-Wop, Motown, old time Rock `n' Roll and favorite songs from the Drifters, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, the Four Seasons and others. Members of Under the Streetlamp: Michael Cunio, Michael Ingersoll, Christopher Kale Jones and Shonn Wiley. Recorded at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville, Indiana. (86 min)

Diana Ross: for One and for All

March 4th / 8:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

On July 21, 1983, the legendary Diana Ross took the stage in New York's Central Park before an audience of more than 800,000 adoring fans. Eventually, a torrential storm put an end to the performance, but Diana performed the entire concert again on July 22nd for the people of New York and, as planned, proceeds from the concert benefited the Diana Ross Playground, which was built three years later in Central Park. (118 min)

Dr. Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled

March 5th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Best-selling author and beloved teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer presents his Five Wishes Fulfilled Foundations: five steps to living from your "highest self," and thereby attracting your deepest desires. Dr. Dyer outlines a program for mastering the tools necessary for living a profoundly extraordinary life. Also appearing with Dr. Dyer is guest Anita Moorjani, a "Near Death Experience" survivor; the program concludes with a very special performance by the San Diego Children's Choir. (176 min)

Great Performances

"Phantom of the Opera at Royal Albert Hall"

March 6th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber's record-breaking hit with a lavish production featuring Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom and Sierra Boggess as Christine. Barry James (Monsieur Firmin), Gareth Snook (Monsieur Andre), Liz Robertson (Madame Giry) and Wynne Evans (Piangi) also star, together with a cast and orchestra of more than 200 including special guest appearances. Set against the glamour and spectacle of the Paris Opera House, a horribly disfigured Phantom, once a promising musician, terrorizes the opera company. Shamed by his physical appearance and feared by all, the Phantom is drawn to the beautiful ingénue Christine and begins coaching her secretly, as a tragic romance unfolds between the unlikely pair. (209 min)

Scala & Kolacny Brothers

March 7th / 8:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Scala & the Kolacny Brothers features imaginatively reworked covers of beloved hits from immortal artists such as Roberta Flack, The Police, U2 and The Mamas and The Papas, as well as truly mesmerizing original compositions. The classically trained Kolacny brothers, Steven (piano) and Stijn (conductor) have turned their talented Belgian girls' choir Scala into an international phenomenon. Recorded at the Concertgebouw Brugge Theater in the historic city of Brugge, Belgium. (56 min)

Idina Menzel Live-Barefoot at the Symphony

March 9th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Tony Award-winning Broadway, television, and recording artist Idina Menzel performs with an orchestra masterfully led by legendary composer/conductor Marvin Hamlisch. Filmed at the Royal Conservatory's Koerner Hall in Toronto, Canada, the concert is a wide ranging journey through the American songbook. (89 min)

The Best of Soul Train

March 9th / 9:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This special celebrates more than 35 years of iconic performances from soul superstars and highlights classic musical and dance moments from the series. Featured songs include: "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" (Aretha Franklin), "Dance to the Music" (Sly and the Family Stone), "I Want You Back" (The Jackson Five), "Let's Get It On" (Marvin Gaye), and a medley of hits by Stevie Wonder. (85 min)

Horses of the West: America's Love Story

March 10th / 3:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Actress Ali MacGraw narrates a story about horses and the people who love them. Filmed on the dramatic landscape of the American West, segments include wild horses and the prisoners who train and love them; the horses of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary rescued from a grim fate; the exquisite grace of Arabians who may be the royalty of the horse world; working quarter horses on the ranch of famed author Thomas McGuane; the striking beauty of spotted Appaloosas and their Nez Perce heritage; and the heart-warming story of therapy horses at the National Ability Center and the children they have helped so dramatically. (57 min)

Don McLean - American Troubadour

March 11th / 6:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

A behind-the-scenes look at one of America's greatest singer-songwriters, Don McLean. His forty-year plus career is highlighted, featuring live performances of his best-known hits including "American Pie", "Vincent", "Crying" and "I Love You So". (89 min)

Richard Glazier In Concert: from Ragtime to Reel Time

March 11th / 6:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Award-winning pianist and master storyteller Richard Glazier begins a musical journey through the early 20th century. A brilliant musical interpreter of standards, Glazier brings new life to classics by George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart, Jerome Kern and other Golden Era composers, including "The Man I Love," "Rialto Ripples" (the theme song to the Ernie Kovaks Show) and "Rhapsody in Blue". (59 min)

Unforgettable Hampton Family

March 11th / 9:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Learn how Deacon Clark Hampton, a son of slaves, lifted his twelve children out of poverty by helping them become successful musicians. (27 min)

John Tesh Big Band Live

March 13th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Emmy winner and Grammy nominee John Tesh and his 12-piece ensemble perform big-band music from the 1920s through the '50s. Highlights include: "I've Got the World on a String," "In the Mood," and "Summer Wind," along with Tesh's own piano solos and love songs. A medley of instrumental songs from the era of WWII is punctuated by excerpts from Tesh's father's wartime diary. (89 min)

Story of the Costume Drama: The Greatest Stories Ever Told

March 15th / 9:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Small-screen historical costume dramas are celebrated from the past fifty years. The genre has created stars in some of the most memorable and best-loved series, including: "Upstairs, Downstairs," "Cranford," and "Pride and Prejudice" among others. Featured interviews include: actors Susan Hampshire, Timothy West, Derek Jacobi, John Hurt, Anthony Andrews, Alex Kingston and Art Malik. Those involved behind the cameras are also interviewed, including directors, screenwriters and commissioners as well as TV critics and journalists. (58 min)

Finding Billy

March 16th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

From the early auditions through rehearsal and opening night, three talented boys are followed as they face the challenges and joys of starring in a Broadway musical. With music by Elton John, story by Lee Hall and stage direction by Stephen Daldry, Billy Elliot went on to win 10 Tony Awards including the Best Actor in a Musical Award for the three original Billys. (62 min)

B-52s - with the Wild Crowd! - Live In Athens, GA

March 17th / 10:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The B-52s' celebrate their 34th anniversary (1977), as they perform at the Athens' Classic Center in Georgia. Wig-wearing, boa-draped, glitter-covered fans from near and far celebrate the historic event. The sizzling concert includes high-spirited versions of fans' favorites, including the classics "Love Shack," "Rock Lobster," "Roam," "Give Me Back My Man," "Duplex," "Planet Claire," "Private Idaho" and many more. (89 min)

Rick Steves' Hidden Europe

March 17th / 4:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Rick Steves reveals a dozen of his favorite overlooked European destinations. He travels to the cliff-hanging vistas of Civita, San Sebastian (Spain's proud Basque capital), the enchanting castle town of Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic), the thriving Moroccan port of Tangier, the well-preserved Italian fortress hill town of Lucca, battle-scarred Mostar in Bosnia, the delightful Alpine town of Hallstatt, vibrant (and unspoiled) Volterra, the fairytale Danish isle of Aero and the romantic and traffic-free Greek island of Hydra. (119 min)

Clannad Live at Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

March 17th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The five original members of Clannad, the legendary family group from Ireland, perform together for a rare performance marking their 40 year career. Recorded in Dublin's eleventh century Christ Church Cathedral, the music includes the group's hits such as "Harrys Game", "Newgrange" and "I Will Find You", the haunting love theme from Last of the Mohicans. Featured guests are Anuna, Ireland's National Choir and Brian Kennedy known for his years singing with Van Morrison and as the lead singer in Riverdance on Broadway. (89 min)

Republican Presidential Debate

March 19th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination meet for a live televised debate in Oregon. Moderators include Ray Suarez, senior correspondent for PBS NEWSHOUR, and a representative from the editorial team of The Washington Times. The Oregon Republican Party hosts the debate, with the cooperation of the Republican National Committee. (86 min)

American Masters

"Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides"

March 19th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges hails from an illustrious Hollywood family, working as a child with his father Lloyd and brother Beau on television's "Sea Hunt". Acting for nearly 40 years, he first burst onto the silver screen in The Last Picture Show in 1971, again in 1984 with Starman and in 1998 with the cult classic The Big Lebowski. After the life-changing role in Crazy Heart, he returns to the screen with the remake of True Grit. American Masters profiles Jeff Bridges, the actor, musician, photographer, occasional vintner and storyteller. (86 min)

Tragedy of Bataan

March 19th / 9:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Alec Baldwin narrates the fall of the Philippines and the Bataan Death March in the early months of World War II. The program contains first-account interviews with over twenty former survivors of the conflict. Also features several unpublished diaries, rare photos and drawings and never before seen Japanese propaganda film footage. (26 min)

Mister Rogers & Me

March 20th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Soon after Fred Rogers retired from producing and starring in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Rogers had a chance meeting with his next door neighbor on the island of Nantucket--Benjamin Wagner. The children's television icon provided Wagner with some wise advice. After Rogers' death in 2003, Wagner and his brother, Christofer, set out to meet some of Mister Rogers' real-life "neighbors," aiming to discover more about the man himself, what he meant by living simply, and who still preaches Rogers' message. (58 min)

Agatha Christie's Poirot

"The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb"

March 20th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Archeologist Sir John Willard discovers King Men-her-Ra's tomb and suffers a heart attack after he opens it. Lady Willard appoints Poirot (David Suchet) to investigate, but almost everyone begins to drop dead. Could it be possible that the tomb of King Men-her-Ra's is cursed? (50 min)


"Aviation 101"

March 22nd / 10:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Experts explain the very basics of aviation. A closer look is taken at some of the hosts of "The Aviators," including Sara, Kurtis, Anthony, and new host, country music singer George Canyon. (26 min)

Steve Jobs - One Last Thing

March 22nd / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

He was one of the most inspirational computer designers and innovators of the 21st century. An in-depth look is taken at the life and work of Apple boss, Steve Jobs, to examine how and why he revolutionized our world. (56 min)

Finding Your Roots

"Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis"

March 25th / 7:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Their European immigrant ancestors blazed unconventional trails in America, from capturing British ships for the American Revolution to crossing racial barriers in slave-era Louisiana. Generations later, as children growing up in New Orleans, Harry Conic, Jr. and Branford Marsalis found a deep and abiding friendship through their common love of Jazz and of the city itself. The turbulent and contradictory history of the city of New Orleans is traced through the family stories of Harry Connick, Jr. and Branford Marsalis. In this 10-part series, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., explores race, culture and identity through genealogy and genetics. (1 of 10) (56 min)

Masterpiece Classic

"My Boy Jack"

March 25th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

British literary giant Rudyard Kipling's son Jack (Daniel Radcliffe), triggers a bitter family conflict when he joins the Irish Guard at the outset of World War I. Also starring Kim Cattrall. (116 min)

Finding Your Roots

"Cory Booker and John Lewis"

March 25th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

John Lewis grew up in a sharecropping family in rural Georgia, while Cory Booker was raised in an affluent, all-white New Jersey suburb. Although both men have devoted their lives to the betterment of African-American people, neither of them knows much about their own ancestors. Booker is introduced to his white great-grandfather, a man he never knew. (2 of 10) (56 min)


March 26th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

The Adirondack Park sprawls across six million acres, the only one on the continent in which large human populations live and whose land is divided almost evenly between protected wilderness and privately owned tracts. The story of the Adirondacks is told through a series of passionate characters, each with a distinct perspective. (116 min)

Inside Fenway Park: An Icon at 100

March 26th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The oldest (and smallest) ballpark in America celebrates its centennial in 2012. Fenway's long history in Boston is chronicled. It served as a sports venue and a public space, where masses were held for WWI soldiers; a 1918 Irish Republican rally; FDR's last presidential campaign speech; and, concerts by Bruce Springsteen and others. (56 min)

Triangle Fire: American Experience

March 27th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The Triangle Fire chronicles the 1911 fire that tore through the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City killing one hundred and forty-eight young women and forever changed the relationship between labor and industry in the United States. A relationship that is still in question today as Americans re-examine the balance between the welfare of citizens and the motivations of global capitalism. (56 min)

Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

"All Stitched Up (Series Three, Episode One)"

March 27th / 9:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

The Duffield Council Estate in Addersleigh is being plagued by a young villain, Lenny Thornber. When the popular district nurse, Maureen O'Callaghan, finds her car has been set on fire, Lenny is the obvious suspect. DCI Adams sends Hetty (Patricia Routledge) along to try and break the wall of silence surrounding the estate by persuading the locals to speak out. (1 of 13) (49 min)

Quest for the Lost Maya

March 28th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Archaeological evidence of a previously unknown Mayan society based in the Yucatan Peninsula of southern Mexico is explored. The film surveys their dramatic rise to prominence in the "preclassic era" of the Maya (800-700BC) as well as new evidence of the collapse of their civilization in the 800-900s AD. (56 min)

How The Beatles Rocked The Kremlin

March 28th / 9:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Award-winning director Leslie Woodhead examines how the Beatles punctured the Iron Curtain with their music and style. Even though the Beatles never performed in the Soviet Union, archival Soviet-era footage and interviews with Soviet Beatles fans, reveal how they managed to listen to the outlawed music of the Fab Four, changing their lives and giving them hope. (56 min)

Great Performances

"The Thomashefskys: Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddish Theater"

March 29th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Yiddish theater pioneers Boris and Bessie Thomashefsky's grandson, Michael Tilson Thomas, music director of the San Francisco Symphony, celebrates the lives and theatrical and musical legacies of his grandparents. Music reconstructed from the original Yiddish theater repertoire is interwoven with projected images and stories from Bessie and Boris's lively memoirs. Recorded in April 2011 at the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center in Miami Beach, The Thomashefskys is written and hosted by Tilson Thomas and stars Broadway performers Judy Blazer as Bessie and Shuler Hensley as Boris. (116 min)

Nazi Hunters

"Hunting The Nazi Rocket Scientists"

March 29th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

NAZI HUNTERS profiles individuals who chased some of the most reviled criminals on earth. When World War II ended, the U.S. was desperate to get its hands on German scientists before the Russians did. Did military superiority override any concerns of bringing criminals to justice? (1 of 13) (51 min)

Great Performances

"San Francisco Symphony at 100"

March 30th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The San Francisco Symphony celebrates its centennial season in 2011-12. This centennial gala concert, recorded in September 2011, features host and acclaimed writer and San Francisco native Amy Tan. SFS Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas along with guest artists Itzhak Perlman and Lang Lang perform works by Copland, Mendelssohn and Britten. Concert footage is interwoven with short video stories highlighting unique moments in the Symphony's history as well as interviews with the performers and luminaries in the audience. (116 min)