MPTV Premieres & Highlights: July 2013

Valentino's Ghost

July 1st / 11:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This film exposes the ways in which America's foreign policy agenda in the Middle East drives the U.S. media's portrayals of Arabs and Muslims, laying bare the truths behind taboo subjects that are avoided by the mainstream American media: Commentators including Robert Fisk, John Mearsheimer, Gore Vidal and Niall Ferguson reveal the media's role in perpetuating stereotypes about Arabs, Muslims and Islam and the lack of a national dialogue on these topics. Mike Farrell narrates.

Antiques Roadshow

Vintage Milwaukee

July 1st / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

It's been 15 years since ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visited Milwaukee. A look is taken back at top finds, including a Tiffany lamp, which was appraised at $8,000-$15,000 in 1998. (23 of 27)

Boyhood Shadows

July 2nd / 11:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

One in six boys is sexually molested by the age of 16. Glenn shares his gripping story that begins with him as a young boy under the power of a sexual predator. The narrative chronicles Glenn's struggle as he tries to make sense of this abuse and his life, telling no one. After suffering decades of addiction, Glenn breaks the silence, describing his past. Glenn claims he is alive today because he finally spoke out about his abuse.

Statue of Liberty

July 2nd / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This 1985 Ken Burns film chronicles the creation and history of the Statue of Liberty and what it represents to all Americans. Narrated by David McCullough, the film traces the development of the monument--from its conception, to its complicated and often controversial construction, to its final dedication--and offers interviews with a wide range of Americans to explore the meaning of the Statue of Liberty.

Mount Rushmore: American Experience

July 2nd / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

It took fourteen years and almost one million dollars to create Mount Rushmore. Men removed five hundred thousand tons of granite from the rock face of a mountain deep in the Black Hills of South Dakota, creating one of the biggest and oddest monuments in the world. Mount Rushmore represents the toil and the money of many. Yet it is the result of the tireless enthusiasm, egomaniacal drive, and artistic vision of one man: a sculptor named Gutzon Borglum. Through newsreels, home movies, interviews with family members and Rushmore workers, this documentary probes the uniquely American idea that one man's ambition can create a colossal and lasting monument.


American Eagle

July 3rd / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Unique to North America, the bald eagle is the continent's most recognizable aerial predator, with a shocking white head, electric yellow beak and penetrating eyes. In the 1960s, this symbol of the United States became an emblem of environmental degradation as the pesticide DDT and other human pressures brought it to the brink of extinction. Following their protection as an endangered species, bald eagles have come roaring back. Photographed by Emmy-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig, this film focuses on the drama of the nest. Even in the best of times, it's a surprisingly tough struggle to maintain a one-ton home and raise chicks until they can hunt on their own.

Capitol Fourth

July 4th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Emmy Award-winning television personality Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars) hosts America's national Independence Day celebration live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. Bergeron leads an all-star cast during the top-rated musical and fireworks extravaganza that has become America's favorite birthday party. Special highlights include The Choral Arts Society of Washington, along with The U.S. Army Herald Trumpets, The U.S. Army Ceremonial Band, and the U.S. Air Force Ceremonial Band, members of the Armed Forces carrying the state and territorial flags and the Joint Armed Forces Color Guard provided by the Military District of Washington, D.C.

Burt Wolf: Taste of Freedom

Independence Day

July 4th / 9:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

On the 4th of July, the U.S. celebrates Independence Day. Communities from coast to coast commemorate the day in 1776 when the Continental Congress proclaimed America's freedom from British rule. Burt Wolf takes a fascinating trip to Boston, where the American Revolution began, to witness the spot where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the citizens of Boston, discover why the town of Gloucester thinks its parade is horrible, and enjoy one of the best firework shows in the world.

Insanity Retrial of Mary Todd Lincoln

July 6th / 10:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

A dramatic reenactment of one of the saddest legal episodes in Chicago history -- the 1875 insanity trial of Mary Todd Lincoln. Actors play the parts of Mrs. Lincoln and her son Robert Lincoln, as a group of modern-day judges, attorneys, and expert witnesses participate in the retrial, with a jury of audience members rendering a verdict based on the evidence presented. Bill Kurtis hosts this fascinating blend of history, drama, and social justice. Filmed at the Murphy Auditorium in downtown Chicago.

Great Old Amusement Parks

July 6th / 10:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Long before the days of giant theme parks, the U.S. had many amusement parks where families gathered for a cool escape on a hot summer day. This program celebrates these pre-Disney parks, visiting Playland in Rye, NY; Holiday World in Santa Claus, IN; and California's Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, where vacationers can still reach for the brass ring on the merry-go-round. The special also checks out some old wooden roller coasters and other classic rides. Narrated by Rick Sebak.

Hot Dog Program

July 6th / 11:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

From a Fourth of July hot-dog eating contest to a giant hot dog-shaped building, some of the country's coolest hot dog places are visited. Find out what makes a Chicago-style dog, learn how and when hot dogs became so popular, and celebrate what may be the country's most popular food.

Pioneers of Television

Science Fiction

July 6th / 9:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

A look is taken at how storytellers Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek), Irwin Allen (Lost in Space) and Rod Serling (The Twilight Zone) created storylines and characters behind the best-loved futuristic television of their time. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols and other science-fiction stars describe how they prepared to interact on-camera with a malevolent alien force.

At Home In Russia, At Home on the Prairie

July 7th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

This special focuses on the Germans from Russia that settled on the Russian steppe, at one time the breadbasket of grain and other agricultural products. The Germans who settled the area are largely gone now, scattered in forced migration through difficult decades of political unrest and change. Many of these German-Russians settled on the prairies of North Dakota, the Northern Plains, and western Canadian prairie provinces. One of those families is the Kutchurganers, who lived in south Russia before journeying to the prairies of North America. Their family story is told.

1962 World's Fair: When Seattle Invented The Future

July 7th / 3:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

The 1962 World's Fair, a six-month celebration of science and technology, featured an exciting mix of culture, cuisine and celebrity, drawing more than 10 million visitors from around the world to the then relatively unknown mill town of Seattle. The city's business, civic and cultural leaders, historians and longtime residents reminisce about the excitement and ambition the Fair ignited.

Secrets of Althorp - The Spencers

July 7th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Althorp, childhood home and final resting place of Princess Diana, is currently the home of Diana's brother, Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer. Althorp House has hosted some of the kingdom's most distinguished guests, and its rooms have witnessed scenes of great celebration, including the marriage of the current earl, who offers a personal tour around the noble manor.

Broadway: The American Musical

Give My Regards to Broadway (1893-1927)"

July 8th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Broadway's early days are traced, from the Ziegfeld Follies to the far-sighted masterpiece "Show Boat". When Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. first hits New York in 1893, the intersection of Broadway and 42nd is nobody's idea of "the crossroads of the world." But by 1913, "The Ziegfeld Follies really were an amalgamation of everything that was happening in America. The program continues with the story of the onset of a world war, labor unrest across the nation, and Ziegfeld's 1927 production of "Jerome Kern" and Oscar Hammerstein II's far-sighted masterpiece, "Show Boat". (1 of 6)

Cleveland Orchestra In Performance: Boulez Conducts Mahler

July 9th / 10:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Pierre Boulez conducts Gustav Mahler's Adagio from Symphony No. 10 in F-Sharp Major and "Des Knaben Wunderhorn," Songs for Voice and Orchestra, with soloists Magdalena Kozena, mezzo-soprano, and baritone Christian Gerhaher. The concert opens with the romantic and melancholy Adagio and continues with the songs, based on texts from a collection of German folk poetry. Recorded in 2010 at Severance Hall, the home of the Cleveland Orchestra, the performance marked the 150th anniversary of Mahler's birth, the 100th anniversary of his death and Boulez' 45th year conducting the orchestra.

Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Part 1

July 9th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

In 1801, the United States ended at the Mississippi River and almost all Americans lived 50 miles west of the Atlantic Ocean. When President Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon, he doubled the country's size. The sudden western expansion of the United States--and rumors of a Northwest Passage that would link the Atlantic with the Pacific--motivated Jefferson to find the great byway to the West. He appropriated $2,500 for the journey and commissioned his secretary, Meriwether Lewis, to the task of revealing the West. Lewis asked his old friend, William Clark, and a group of rough frontiersmen to join the expedition, now called the Corps of Discovery. This Ken Burns documentary chronicles the challenges, frustrations and anxiety that faced the Corps of Discovery.

Bid America

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

July 11th / 9:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

This engaging reality series documents buying and selling at auctions in the heartland of America while telling the unique stories of the merchandise and the sellers. Bob Evans' immaculately restored cars are featured. Including a '55 Chevy, a '33 Chevy 5 window coupe, a '56 Packard 400 Caribbean and a '51 Packard 400 that sold for nearly $100,000 at auction! The Evans collection also boasts several large-scale motorized airplanes, all in superb condition. (1 of 13)

Katmai: Alaska's Wild Peninsula

July 13th / 11:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

Filmmaker John Grabowska reveals the wilderness of the Alaska Peninsula, a cloud-cloaked landscape where bears outnumber people, and the sockeye salmon run is the largest in the world.

Movie: The Sunshine Boys (1975)

July 13th / 7:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

After a long separation, two former vaudeville partners (Walter Matthau, George Burns) reunite to renew their friendship and their feud.

Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story

July 14th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

The future health of America's agricultural lands and waters depend upon a combination of solutions. This film traces the development of America's bountiful harvest and its effect on the legendary river. Excess nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers are contaminating the nation's waters at the same time that precious soils wash away. Farmers, scientists and citizens are seeking solutions that help meet the goals of an ambitious, food-producing nation while ensuring the long-term health and sustainability of its most precious natural resources.

Secrets of Chatsworth

July 14th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Over five centuries, Chatsworth Estate has been passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family and is presently the home of the current 12th Duke of Devonshire and his family. Discover the stories throughout its 500 years that have shaped the history of Chatsworth, and learn about its American connections.

Pedro E. Guerrero, Portrait of An Image Maker

July 16th / 11:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Pedro E. Guerrero was friend and personal photographer to three of the 20th Century's greatest American artists: prolific architect, Frank Lloyd Wright; creator of the mobile, Alexander Calder; and pioneering sculptor, Louise Nevelson. The artist's invaluable historic archive, spanning sixty years, is explored.

Nazi Mega Weapons

Part 1

July 17th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

In the quest for world domination, the Nazis built some of the biggest and deadliest pieces of military hardware and malevolent technology in history. This series uncovers the engineering secrets of three iconic mega structures, and tells the stories of the evil geniuses that designed them. (1 of 6)

Charlie Rose: The Week

July 19th / 7:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This new PBS series features the iconic television anchor's focus on the events and conversations shaping the week and the week ahead. Drawing on conversations from his nightly PBS program and new insightful perspectives from around the world, it captures the defining moments in politics, science, business, culture, media and sports in a fresh, engaged, and smart presentation.

This American Land

Whitewater, Wading Birds, Wildlife Brigades

July 20th / 11:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

Bruce and Caroline visit Colorado for breathtaking views. They learn how fashion took a huge toll on America's wading birds; and, loggers and environmentalists reach a "timber truce" that seems to be working. (1 of 13)

Movie: Oh, God! (1977)

July 20th / 7:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

When God appears to an assistant grocery manager as a good-natured old man, the Almighty selects him as his messenger for the modern world. Starring: George Burns, John Denver, Teri Garr.

Eating Alabama

July 21st / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

A filmmaker turns the camera on himself, as he and his wife upend their lives in pursuit of local food, discovering along the way stories about community, sustainability, and identity.

Journey of Sacagawea

July 21st / 3:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

The teenage Sacagawea, along with her infant son, accompanied the Lewis and Clark Expedition, becoming one of the most honored heroines in American history. Her story is told, using the rich oral history, dramatic re-enactments and scenes of the wild areas in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Wyoming and Oregon.

Model Minority: Do The Math

July 22nd / 11:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The model minority myth is a complex and contradictory stereotype of Asian Americans as academic over-achievers. The impact of the myth on Asian American college students is explored, revealing the many struggles with personal goals and mental health, leading to racial resentment, discrimination, and suicide.

David Phelps Classic

July 26th / 10:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Grammy-winning tenor and well-known member of the Gaither Vocal Band, David Phelps performs classical selections, patriotic standards and inspirational favorites. Filmed at the beautiful Franklin Theatre in Franklin, Tennessee.

Concerts on the Square

Fairy Tales & Fables

July 26th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Concerts on the Square® features the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra in performance on the State Capitol grounds in Madison. Led by Maestro Andrew Sewell, this installment highlights guest violinist David Cao, the winner of the 2013 Young Artist Concerto Competition.

Age of Champions

July 27th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

Five competitors who competed for gold at the National Senior Olympics are profiled. You'll meet a 100-year-old tennis champion, 86-year-old pole vaulter and rough-and- tumble basketball grandmothers as they triumph over the limitations of age.

Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace

July 27th / 9:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

Hampton Court is the ultimate Royal pleasure palace--it embodies the indulgent and grandiose kingship built by Cardinal Wolsey and developed by Henry VIII. Now a thriving tourist attraction, cameras unveil an abundance of art and stories that bring Hampton Court alive.

Cooking with Julie Taboulie

Greens & Beans - Mama's Glorious Garden

July 27th / 1:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

COOKING WITH JULIE TABOULIE is an inspiring culinary exploration into the world of Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisines. The Finger Lakes region of New York State serves as the picturesque backdrop for the series, and its local farms, farmers markets and vineyards furnish the fresh food and heart-healthy ingredients used in each episode. Julie prepares: fresh fava beans in garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil; Sleet: sauteed dandelion greens with caramelized onions; Lubia: Lebanese style slowly stewed flat green beans in onions and extra virgin olive oil; Atafiah: Arabic wild greens caramelized with onions and blended bulgur wheat. (1 of 13)

Movie: Get Shorty (1995)

July 27th / 7:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

A film-loving loan shark teams with a B-movie producer to become a Hollywood mogul. Starring John Travolta, Gene Hackman, Rene Russo, Danny DeVito.

The Cafe

There's No Place Like Home

July 27th / 8:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

A seaside cafe in a sleepy town is thrown into disarray by a flashy events manager from London. (1 of 6)

Seeking The Greatest Good

July 28th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

Although born of wealth and privilege, Gifford Pinchot (1865-1946) dedicated his life to public service--advocating for the sustainable management of natural resources. He championed the establishment of the National Forests and the U.S. Forest Service, where he served as its first chief under President Theodore Roosevelt. The legacy of Pinchot's "practical conservation" philosophy is chronicled, celebrating its relevance in helping to understand and solve today's conservation challenges.

Thatcher: A Memoir

July 28th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first and only female prime minister, was a controversial figure whose right-wing politics, economic liberalization and bold social changes earned her the moniker "Iron Lady". Interviews with some of her closest colleagues, politicians she inspired, and those who opposed her, offer a closer look at the remarkable and effective politician that left an indelible mark on the U.K.

The Shaw Festival: Behind The Curtain

July 30th / 10:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

A behind-the-scenes look is taken at the Shaw Festival, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. It is one of North America's longest running, most distinctive and exciting theater experiences. With unprecedented access, the program captures the Shaw's unique approach to theater and the amazing treasure of the Shaw's repertory acting company.

Bridge The Gap to Pine Ridge

July 30th / 11:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Host Chris Bashinelli travels the world to see how others live outside of his hometown Brooklyn. He visits Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to explore the often forgotten culture of the Oglala Lakota Native Americans. While there, he embarks on a life-changing buffalo harvest, gets "schooled" by the girls basketball team, visits with a 14-year-old girl who has devoted her life to suicide prevention and finds himself shoulder deep up a cow's backside while trying to better understand employment issues on the "Rez." With humor and pathos, he uncovers stories of hope and learns how culture has prevailed in the face of adversity.

Bottoms Up: Wisconsin's Historic Bars & Breweries

July 30th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The rich architecture and history of Wisconsin breweries and bars are showcased. The film also explores the rise of breweries, the effects of temperance and Prohibition, and attitudes about gender, ethnicity, and morality. It traces the development of the mega breweries, dominance of the giants, and the emergence of microbreweries in Wisconsin. Seventy featured taverns and breweries represent diverse architectural styles, from the open-air Tom's Burned Down Cafe on Madeline Island to the Art Moderne Casino in La Crosse, and from Club 10, a 1930s roadhouse in Stevens Point, to the well-known Wolski's Tavern in Milwaukee.