MPTV Premieres & Highlights: July 2014

The Cyberchase Movie

July 1st / 5:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Hacker and his bumbling henchbots are drilling inside a nature preserve hoping to reformat all of Cyberspace and put him in charge of everyone and everything forever! He accidentally triggers a slime geyser, which destroys many animals' habitats. The CyberSquad teams up with Ollie (guest star Rico Rodriguez), a Junior Ranger, to discover that destroyed habitats aren't their only problem. Can the kids prevent Cyberspace from being lost to the villainous Hacker forever?

Time Scanners

Egyptian Pyramids

July 1st / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

With cutting-edge technology that can "read" buildings, ruins and landscapes from ancient worlds, this groundbreaking series uncovers the engineering mysteries of the ancient world's most iconic structures for the first time. The team travels to Egypt to scan the pyramids - the tombs of the mighty pharaohs - to find out how the necropolis evolved from simple mud-brick structures to the most impressive buildings in the ancient world. Dallas Campbell hosts. (1 of 6)

History Detectives Special Investigations

Civil War Sabotage

July 1st / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

It was one of the worst maritime naval disasters in U.S. history. Officially, the death toll was 1,500. Unofficially, the count may have been far higher. When it mysteriously exploded on April 27, 1865, the Mississippi steamboat USS Sultana was packed with Union soldiers returning home. The team secures the original investigative report and its archives to find out what really sank the Sultana. (1 of 4)

The Spice Trail

Pepper & Cinnamon

July 1st / 9:58 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

BBC presenter Kate Humble uncovers the story of the most heavily traded spice in the world--pepper in India. She then heads south to the cinnamon lands of Sri Lanka, a place shrouded in mystery for Europeans until the Portuguese accidentally landed on its shores. (1 of 3)

Saving Luna

July 2nd / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This vibrant, poignant and visually stunning film has won awards around the world. It begins when Luna, a baby killer whale, gets separated from his family on the wild coast of Vancouver Island. All alone, he seems determined to make friends with humans. People throughout the community fall in love with him, and the husband-and-wife production team of Mike Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm, get drawn into the drama. Their efforts to record the events result in this funny, heartwarming, and emotional documentary that explores the mysterious connection between humans and these mammals.

Burt Wolf: Taste of Freedom

Independence Day

July 4th / 6:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

On the 4th of July, the U.S. celebrates Independence Day. Communities from coast to coast commemorate the day in 1776 when the Continental Congress proclaimed America's freedom from British rule. Burt Wolf takes a fascinating trip to Boston, where the American Revolution began, to witness the spot where the Declaration of Independence was first read to the citizens of Boston, discover why the town of Gloucester thinks its parade is horrible, and enjoy one of the best firework shows in the world.

Capitol Fourth

July 4th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Tom Bergeron (Dancing with the Stars) hosts a patriotic evening of unrivaled musical performances by the nation's biggest stars, including music legend Frankie Valli. This 34th annual broadcast from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol, features the National Symphony Orchestra under the direction of top pops conductor Jack Everly. The evening is capped off with a rousing rendition of Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" complete with live cannon fire provided by the United States Army Presidential Salute Battery.

Statue of Liberty

July 4th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

This 1985 Ken Burns film chronicles the creation and history of the Statue of Liberty and what it represents to all Americans. Narrated by David McCullough, the film traces the development of the monument--from its conception, to its complicated and often controversial construction, to its final dedication--and offers interviews with a wide range of Americans to explore the meaning of the Statue of Liberty.

UW Varsity Band Concert 2014

Celebrating 40 Years

July 4th / 8:30 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Professor Mike Leckrone and the UW Varsity Band celebrate four decades of spring concerts with a medley of James Bond themes, a salute to Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera," and all the Badger favorites. The talented students of the UW Band are joined by guest artists Mark Pender, trumpeter on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and star of stage, screen and television, Tom Wopat.

The Crash of 1929: American Experience

July 5th / 10:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

By 1929, Charles Mitchell, President of the National City Bank (now Citibank), had popularized the idea of selling stock and high-yield bonds directly to the smaller investor. Mitchell and a very small group of bankers, brokers, and speculators manipulated the stock market, grew wealthy, and helped create the economic boom of the Twenties. The year the boom went bust is chronicled, through the words and experiences of the descendants of these titans of finance.

Railroad Man: The Life and Legend of Jay Gould

July 5th / 11:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Jay Gould was one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 19th century, but also one of its most misunderstood. Starting from humble beginnings, he singlehandedly fashioned one of the nation's most formidable empires, running both the Union Pacific Railroad and the Western Union Telegraph Company. He was a bold visionary, a creative genius and a supreme business strategist, yet history has not been kind to Gould. Many historians regard him as a duplicitous and deceitful "robber baron" responsible for one of the worst stock market crashes of all time. This one-hour documentary offers insight into Gould's business triumphs, stinging failures and public relations challenges. Jeremy Irons narrates.

Yellow Ribbon: Honor Flight

July 6th / 10:30 am / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of hostilities in Vietnam, 110 Wisconsin veterans are flown to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall and other sites honoring their service and sacrifice. Hosted by Oshkosh's Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), when the veterans return from their Old Glory Honor Flight, they are greeted by family, friends, actor Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band, along with an audience of approximately 15,000.

Great Performances at the Met

La Boheme

July 6th / 1:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

An exciting young cast stars in Franco Zeffirelli's lavish production of Giacomo Puccini's popular work, the most-performed opera in Met history. Italian star tenor Vittorio Grigolo is the passionate poet Rodolfo, and Latvian soprano Kristine Opolais his fragile lover, Mimi. Susanna Phillips sings the flirtatious Musetta and Massimo Cavalletti is the painter Marcello, led by Italian conductor Stefano Ranzani. Featuring a cast of hundreds, an onstage snow scene, and a detailed reconstruction of the Latin Quarter in Paris. Mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato hosts.

Broadway: The American Musical

Give My Regards to Broadway (1893-1927)

July 6th / 12:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Broadway's early days are traced, from the Ziegfeld Follies to the far-sighted masterpiece "Show Boat". When Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. first hits New York in 1893, the intersection of Broadway and 42nd is nobody's idea of "the crossroads of the world." But by 1913, "The Ziegfeld Follies really were an amalgamation of everything that was happening in America." The program continues with the story of the onset of a world war, labor unrest across the nation, and Ziegfeld's 1927 production of Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II's far-sighted masterpiece, "Show Boat". (1 of 6)

An American Mosque

July 6th / 3:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

A group of Muslim farmers in Yuba City, California, struggle to build their local mosque only to see it destroyed by arson. Despite their loss, the film's central characters are unrelenting in their conviction that all Americans are entitled to a religious sanctuary and the right to practice their faith openly. Witness how they regroup and peacefully respond to this devastating crime, while members of other faiths show their support.

Wild Kratts: Back In Creature Time

July 7th / 4:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The Wild Kratts crew lament the extinction of different animals in recent history and how they'll never ever be able to see them. Aviva decides that it's finally time to unveil her most secret invention yet - the Time Trampoline! Using the trampoline, the Wild Kratts jump back in time to meet the extinct species.

Friend Indeed: The Bill Sackter Story

July 12th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

In 1981, Mickey Rooney and Dennis Quaid starred in the highly-successful television drama "Bill" that forever changed the world's perception of people with disabilities. Now, filmmaker Lane Wyrick presents his inspiring documentary about the transformation of the real Bill Sackter from a neglected individual to a national hero for people with disabilities, that all started from a chance encounter and an unlikely friendship.

Prohibition: A Nation of Drunkards

July 12th / 10:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

In the mid-1800s, alcohol abuse is wreaking havoc on American families, and new groups including the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Anti-Saloon League push for Prohibition. When the Eighteenth Amendment is signed into law in 1919, Americans discover that enforcing the law of the land will be quite the challenge. (1 of 3)

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Murder Most Scandalous

July 12th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

When Deputy Commissioner George Sanders (Neil Melville), Jack's (Nathan Page) ex-father-in-law, is implicated in the murder of a prostitute, Jack becomes determined to clear his name. (1 of 13)

Movie: Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

July 13th / 1:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

A poor Jewish milkman (Chaim Topol) and his wife (Norma Crane) try to marry off their five daughters in czarist Russia.

Little League: A History

July 13th / 11:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Legendary baseball broadcaster Vin Scully narrates the 75-year history of the world's largest organized youth sports program, from its humble beginnings in Williamsport, Penn. to its current status as a worldwide phenomenon. Notable interviewees include: President George W. Bush, NASA Space Shuttle Commander Story Musgrave, Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Allan "Bud" Selig, and former MLB pitcher Mike Mussina. The film includes interviews with the family members of Little League founder Carl Stotz; and Carolyn King, whose 1973 lawsuit against Little League contributed to the league's landmark policy reversal of prohibiting girls from playing.

John Glenn: A Life of Service

July 14th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This documentary surveys John Glenn's distinguished military, NASA and political careers through archival footage and interviews with lawmakers, journalists, historians and NASA colleagues. The pivotal events in John Glenn's life are captured, including his humble beginnings in Depression-era Ohio, his life-changing ride-along with a barnstormer, his enlistment following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, his 122 combat missions during World War II and the Korean War, his envelope-pushing exploits as a Naval test pilot, and his transition to astronaut during the Cold War.

My Wild Affair

The Elephant Who Found A Mom

July 16th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

This is the heartbreaking story of Aisha, the baby elephant orphan, and Daphne Sheldrick, the woman who became her human foster parent. Their intense bond reaches a crisis point when Daphne leaves Aisha with a babysitter for a few days to attend her daughter's wedding. Aisha believes she has lost Daphne for good and refuses to eat, leading to her death. Heartbroken, Daphne uses the lessons learned from Aisha's short life to help her save more than 150 orphans over the next 40 years. (1 of 5)

Market Warriors

Antiquing In Adamstown, PA

July 16th / 8:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Miller, John, Bob and Kevin head out to a Pennsylvania market where they're challenged to find Mid-Century modern items amid the Pennsylvania Dutch antiques. Off-screen host Mark L. Walberg notes some unique finds including an Eames chair, Moss floor lamp and a Tiffany jelly jar. The winning picker is determined at A.N. Abell Auction Company in Los Angeles, California where their chosen items go under the hammer. (1 of 20)

Sex in the Wild


July 16th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Anatomist Joy Reidenberg and veterinarian Mark Evans travel to Africa to explore the unique reproduction challenges of the largest animal on land--the elephant. Find out how females select the strongest mates, why elephants have the longest pregnancy in the animal kingdom and how they safely deliver a 220-pound baby.

Scott & Bailey

July 18th / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Rachel Bailey (Suranne Jones) and Janet Scott (Lesley Sharp) investigate the murder of a pregnant girl made to resemble a suicide.

Healed: Music, Medicine and Life with MS

July 19th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

Renowned cornet virtuoso Jim Klages was at the height of his career, having achieved his dream as soloist for the elite "President's Own" U.S. Marine Band in Washington D.C. When Klages noticed a strange tingling in his arm and nearly dropped his cornet, everything began to change. The diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. What followed was a series of hardships that would test even the most indomitable spirit. "Healed" illuminates the ways in which the creative spirit adapts not only to survive, but to thrive.

Movie: Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

July 19th / 7:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Winner of eight Academy Awards, including best picture and director, this film follows the rough-and-tumble life of a poor Mumbai teen who becomes a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Starring: Dev Patel, Freida Pinto, Madhur Mittal, Anil Kapoor and Irrfan Khan.

Great Performances at the Met


July 20th / 1:00 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

Director Richard Eyre's staging of Jules Massenet's tragic romance "Werther," stars Jonas Kaufmann and Sophie Koch in their first Met performances as the brooding poet Werther and his unattainable love, Charlotte. Lisette Oropesa sings the role of Sophie, Charlotte's sister; David Bizic makes his Met debut as Charlotte's fiance, Albert; and Jonathan Summers is Charlotte's father, Le Bailli. Alain Altinoglu conducts the first new Met production of the opera in more than 40 years.

Antiques Roadshow

Vintage Milwaukee

July 21st / 8:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

It's been 15 years since ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visited Milwaukee. A look is taken back at top finds, including a Tiffany lamp, which was appraised at $8,000 - $15,000 in 1998.

Bottoms Up: Wisconsin's Historic Bars & Breweries

July 21st / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The rich architecture and history of Wisconsin breweries and bars are showcased. The film also explores the rise of breweries, the effects of temperance and Prohibition, and attitudes about gender, ethnicity, and morality. It traces the development of the mega breweries, dominance of the giants, and the emergence of microbreweries in Wisconsin. Seventy featured taverns and breweries represent diverse architectural styles, from the open-air Tom's Burned Down Cafe on Madeline Island to the Art Moderne Casino in La Crosse, and from Club 10, a 1930s roadhouse in Stevens Point, to the well-known Wolski's Tavern in Milwaukee.

Al Capone: Icon

July 22nd / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

More than 80 years after the height of his power, Al Capone's enduring impact on American culture is explored, to learn why people are still so fascinated by the celebrity gangster.

Inside The Pfister, A Milwaukee Hotel Icon

July 25th / 9:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

For 120 years, The Pfister Hotel has served as a hospitality gateway to Milwaukee. Journalist Mark Siegrist goes behind the scenes to capture the daily rhythm, tradition, and luxury service of this treasured landmark. The documentary features breathtaking video of the The Pfister's architectural beauty, and explains how the hotel is embracing the arts and social media to maintain a strong sense of community.

Chinese Medicine Master

July 26th / 8:00 am / MPTV Digital 36.1

American medical doctor Andrew Cunningham meets the "Heir to Chinese Medicine," Master Li Jiren, who teaches Andrew about Chinese diagnostic techniques including pulse diagnosis and observation of the tongue. Andrew also learns about different treatment plans that include acupuncture, "cupping", and medicinal herbs from Master Li. Andrew also visits herb shops, eats local cuisine including "Stinky Fish," and visits the ancient town of Huizhou, which is a thousand years old.

Stella Is 95

July 27th / 11:30 pm / MPTV Digital 36.1

At an age when most people are happily retired, resting on the laurels of years of hard work, Stella is still out there, pursuing her dreams--at age 95. After many years of pursuing multiple dreams and achieving her personal goals, Stella doesn't believe that her age should be any reason for her to stop now. This entertaining and moving film reminds us that when it comes to living life to its fullest, it is never too late.

Patsy Cline--Sweet Dreams Still

July 28th / 9:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

The popular career of Patsy Cline is highlighted; she was an artist whose influence continues across many genres of music. At a time when country artists stayed close to the traditional roots of the music, Cline recorded songs that soared from country to pop. The program features full performances (including the last two known recordings taped in Nashville, five days before her death), rare photos, and personal memorabilia. Many of Cline's hits are presented in their entirety, including: "Walkin' After Midnight," "Crazy," "I Fall to Pieces," "San Antonio Rose," "Lovesick Blues," "Leavin' on Your Mind," "Faded Love," "Come on In," "Strange" and "She's Got You." Robert Oerman, award-winning broadcaster and writer--known as the "dean of country music historians"--is the commentator.

Mark Twain

Part One

July 29th / 7:00 pm / MPTV HD 10.1 and 36.2

Ken Burns profiles Mark Twain in this two-part special. It is a story of humble beginnings, a meteoric rise to fame and the burden and tragedy of personal hardships. Twain's story is really that of two men: Sam Clemens, a devoted family man who lost nearly everything to tragedy, and Mark Twain, the astonishingly successful writer who became the enduring voice of a nation, nearly single-handedly inventing American literature.