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September 4, 2013

Summit of Governing Organizations of the Great Lakes to be Held in Milwaukee

Milwaukee Public Television (MPTV) is partnering with Detroit Public Television (DPTV) during Great Lakes Week 2013 by broadcasting nightly wrap-up programs, as well as streaming portions of the conference live on its website at Great Lakes Week will be held in Milwaukee from September 9-12, and is expected to attract approximately 700 attendees from throughout the Great Lakes Basin.

As a media partner, MPTV will support DPTV in production by supplying facilities and staff, and will also broadcast the wrap-up programs each night of the conference, September 9-12, at 5:30 p.m. on MPTV 36.1 HD. The conference will also be streamed live on MPTV's website at Detroit Public Television, as the official media outlet, will produce both the on-air nightly segments, as well as the web streaming. DPTV will also broadcast over 20 hours of live coverage of conference sessions and other live and on-demand programming featuring expert commentary from conference participants and conference highlights.

Great Lakes Week is a collaborative effort to foster discussion about cutting-edge Great Lakes issues and elevating them amongst diverse stakeholders. It is the first gathering of the organizations governing the Great Lakes since the new Great Lakes Water Quality agreement was signed between the United States and Canada. The agencies involved will be taking stock of the overall health of the Great Lakes, celebrating the cleanup of several environmental areas of concern, and setting priorities for action and scientific research on the lakes for the next three years.

The city of Waukesha's request to draw water from Lake Michigan will be a major topic of concern, since Waukesha is located outside of the Great Lakes watershed. Government officials and scientists will be discussing who should be allowed to draw water from the lakes - and how much they can have. Other discussions will focus on record low lake water levels, the algae bloom that threatens fish in Lake Erie, and concerns about safeguarding the lakes from invasive species that could arrive in the ballast water of commercial shipping.

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