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IR Highlights Company F

October 9, 2007

Charles A.Wallace, a re-enactor who adopts the role of first sergeant in a unit of African-American Civil War troops, will be the guest on I Remember on Milwaukee Public
Television (MPTV-10) and MPTV-HD Monday, Oct. 15, at 6:30 p.m.

As Company "F" of the 29th Infantry Regiment, US Colored Troops, Wallace's reenactment group honors the contributions of African-Americans in the Civil War. Wallace will share the role of black soldiers in the war and the history of the conflicts in which they participated.

The company, including men from Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin, fought at Petersburg and Richmond, Va. as well as along the Rio Grande and elsewhere.

I Remember is simulcast on MPTV-HD (MPTV-36-1 and Time-Warner Cable 510). The host for I Remember is talk show veteran Jim Peck, currently a senior advancement officer at Marquette University.