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IR: Joshua Glover-Runaway Slave

March 17, 2008

Joshua Glover, a slave rescued in 1854 from Milwaukee's jail, is the subject of I Remember Monday, March 24, at 6:30 p.m. on Milwaukee Public Television (MPTV-10 and MPTV-HD).

Ruby West Jackson and Walter T. McDonald, co-authors of Finding Freedom: The Untold Story of Joshua Glover, Runaway Slave, detail Glover's escape in their book.

Glover, who was living in Racine, was arrested after a St. Louis slave owner came north to reclaim him. Thousands of abolitionists rallied in Milwaukee's Courthouse Square and literally broke down the jail's door.

In protest of the Fugitive Slave Act, Glover was shuttled for weeks along Underground Railroad routes in Southeastern Wisconsin. He finally made it back to Racine and sailed on a ship to Canada. The book also provides details about his new life in Ontario.

The host for I Remember is talk show veteran Jim Peck, currently a senior advancement officer at Marquette University.