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Auction Announces Artists

April 8, 2008

Artwork from seven featured artists who have created original pieces for this year's Channel 10 Great TV Auction will be available for bid during the live televised event that airs April 25 through May 3 on Channel 10.

The work of Chuck Weber of Delafield, Andy Goralski of Oconomowoc, Kathy Glasnap of Fish Creek, Mark Mille of Milwaukee and a collaborative piece from Scott Zoellick of Brookfield, Jerry Gadamus of the Stevens Point area and Don Kloetzke of Brownsville will be showcased.

The Channel 10 auction is a nine-day, on-air fund-raising event hosted annually by MPTV Friends to support Milwaukee Public Television. Each year, individuals, businesses and local artists donate more than 20,000 items. Viewers across southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois bid for items by telephone. Online bids can be placed in advance of the auction by visiting and clicking on the preview & bid button.

The auction's 2008 goal is to raise more than $1 million for Milwaukee Public Television. By reaching its goal, the auction will fund approximately 10 minutes of every hour of programming for shows such as "NOVA," "Sesame Street" and "Great Performances."

Original pieces from the artists, along with a limited number of prints, will be available for bid.

The auction's National Collection will feature a collaborative piece created by Scott Zoellick, Don Kloetzke and Jerry Gadamus of Thunder Mountain Press, Milwaukee. The three men are talented wildlife artists who each employ a different painting technique and style yet are able to come together to work on a single piece.
Zoellick is known for his attention to detail and ability to capture a wildlife moment. Kloetzke, who has been painting for more than 30 years, often portrays the mystique of the deep woods. Gadamus, unlike Zoellick and Kloetzke, does freehand airbrushing, eschewing the use of stencils or brushes to create his pieces.

Working as a trio, the artists each take on different roles. Kloetzke, who is also a musician and composer, compares the collaborative approach to a group jam session.
"Music and art both require balance, composition and harmony," explains Kloetzke. "When we collaborate on a piece, it's just like a jazz trio except we create a piece for people's eyes, instead of their ears."
For co-operative pieces, Kloetzke often is the conductor who orchestrates the composition and mood. Gadamus typically creates the background of the piece, while Kloetzke and Zoellick layer on depth and detail using their brush strokes to create the main elements.
For the Channel 10 auction, the men have created "Return to Lake Katherine," a tribute to Owen Gromme, a highly revered Wisconsin wildlife artist. In 1978 for the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Gromme created "Departure from Lake Katherine," which captured a flight of swans leaving a northern Wisconsin lake. The 2008 tribute piece depicts a pair of regal trumpeter swans on a moonlit lake who, with their juvenile signet, have returned to the water.
The original of "Return to Lake Katherine," 100 signed and numbered prints, 10 of which will be remarqued, and 20 signed and numbered giclees on canvas, will be available for bid during the auction. (A remarque is a print with a special artist's mark. The giclee process uses digital technology to make a high-quality digital transfer to paper or canvas.) To view Zoellick, Gadamus and Kloetzke's work, visit

Kathy Glasnap of Door County is the auction's Century Collection artist. Glasnap is a successful, self-taught watercolor artist who moved from Milwaukee to Door County in 1995 to surround herself with nature and open the Kathy Glasnap Gallery in Fish Creek.
Glasnap has been featured in numerous one-woman shows throughout Wisconsin and more than 30 of her pieces can be found in the permanent collections of corporations, businesses and private collectors. The National Wildlife Federation and Pumpernickel Press regularly commission her work.
Even before moving to Door County, Glasnap had a love for buildings and the stories they held. She began by painting barns and houses and later moved on to mills and lighthouses. In addition to portraying structures, Glasnap also does landscapes, flowers and Door County scenes.
"Lighthouses come in all different shapes and sizes and they often are in a beautiful setting, which adds to their romantic nature," says Glasnap. "My favorite lighthouse has always been Cana Island, but, because of severe arthritis in my knees, I wasn't able to get to the lighthouse until just last year."

Although she hadn't seen it in person, Glasnap had painted Cana Island Lighthouse in Baileys Harbor many times over the years, but always based on photographs that others took for her. In the fall of 2007, Glasnap received special permission to bring a motorized scooter onto the island to maneuver over the rocky and uneven terrain that her legs couldn't have managed.

For the Channel 10 auction, Glasnap has created "Cana Island Lighthouse in Spring." The piece is a mixed media of watercolor and gouache. Glasnap's signature cardinal, Fred, is perched in a small bush in the foreground, while the Cana Island Lighthouse rises above the surrounding birch and pine trees that flank it.

The original of "Cana Island Lighthouse in Spring" and 100 signed and numbered prints, 10 of which will be remarqued, will be available for bid. To view Glasnap's work, visit

Mark Mille of Milwaukee is returning to the Channel 10 auction as the Gallery Collection Artist. Mille was also a featured artist during the 2005 auction.

A freelance illustrator for many years, Mille later taught at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. Having explored a variety of media throughout his career, he now works exclusively in oils for landscapes and pastel for floral pieces.
Mille has exhibited in solo, invitational and juried exhibitions across the country and abroad. Several oil landscapes were recently featured in a group show at the Broden Gallery Ltd. in Madison. His work is also in the permanent collection of the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend.

For this year's auction, Mille created "Purple Iris." According to the artist,
the piece was inspired by the spring planting beds at Boerner Botanical Gardens that teem with the tall, stately flowers.
Done on Canson paper, the painting showcases the showy bearded iris. Indigo-fringed petals unfurl to reveal an orange-gold beard, while the standards, or upright petals, are edged with lavender. The impressionistic background is alive with bright dashes of rose, purplish blue and rusty orange set in the cool gray greens of the surrounding beds.
The original of "Purple Iris," 100 signed and numbered prints, 10 of which will be remarqued, and 10 signed and numbered giclees will be available for bid during the auction.

Andy Goralski of Oconomowoc is the auction's Sports Collection artist. Due to the overwhelming interest and demand for his work, Goralski is returning to the auction for a third straight year and has been a featured auction artist a total of six times.
Goralski is an internationally recognized artist who has painted many of the greatest athletes, including Brett Favre, John Elway, Walter Payton and Dan Jansen.

"I try to capture the heart of the athlete I'm painting," Goralski explains. "For many of the people who collect my work, the players are like family. They see them on TV almost every day. They know what they look like from all angles. That's why it's so important to paint them as realistically as possible," he adds.
Goralski prefers to work in pastels, a trait that sets him apart, since many artists shy away from this medium.
"Pastels can be hard to control and it can be difficult to maintain detail with them, although I'm convinced that the natural texture of a person's face cannot be achieved with other mediums," Goralski says.

For the Channel 10 auction, Goralski has created "Let it Snow." The piece is a collage of images capturing the snowy game when the Packers defeated the Seahawks to advance to the NFC Championship Game.

To capture the blizzard conditions and excitement of the game, Goralski melded three images into the piece. In the middle of the painting, the Packers and Seahawks are shown on the field in their respective huddles with snow swirling around them in near white-out conditions. A smiling Jennings wearing a yellow Packers stocking cap, illuminated by the lights of Lambeau, is shown standing along the sidelines. The third image features Jennings leaping into the air to snag Favre's pass and score a touchdown.

The original of "Let it Snow," 100 signed and numbered prints, 12 of which will be remarqued and signed by Goralski and Jennings, and 10 signed and numbered giclees will be available for bid. To view Goralski's work, visit

Chuck Weber of the Town of Delafield is the Auction's Poster Collection artist. This is Weber's second time as a featured artist.

Following a career as creative director and principal of a Milwaukee-based advertising agency, in 2001, Weber took the leap to an encore career as a fine artist. Since that time, he has quickly gained a national reputation as a portrait artist.

Some of the more notable of his award-winning works are portraits of Brett and Deanna Favre, Marquette Coach Al McGuire, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Palmer, Les Paul, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan and Pope Benedict XVI.
In addition to portraiture, Weber continually challenges himself by exploring new formats, subjects and painting styles that stretch his creativity and stimulate his mind. One of these styles is a very popular technique which he has used for this year's poster "Jazz In Cathedral Square." The piece is Weber's take on the popular jazz in the park summer performances at Cathedral Square in downtown Milwaukee.

In contrast to his more traditional portraits, this Fauve-Expressionist style typically features cafes and bistros, performance artists and musicians. The original oil has been painted a style reminiscent of early 20th century artists Russell Patterson and Amidei Modigliani. Weber has added his signature bold, saturated colors to this lighter, more whimsical approach that romanticizes figurative subjects, with abstract shapes, flattened perspective and elongated forms.

The original of "Jazz In Cathedral Square" and 400 posters, 10 of which will be remarqued, will be available for bid. To view Weber's work, visit

The Channel 10 Great TV Auction airs Friday, April 25 through Saturday, May 3 and kicks-off at 5 p.m. on the 25th. For more information, visit