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4th St. Forum Sets May Agenda

April 17, 2008

Mental illness and children, Wisconsin's juvenile justice system, and Lake Michigan's effect on Milwaukee will be discussed in the 4th Street Forum presentations in May.

The presentations are taped live on Thursdays and broadcast the following evening. The one-hour programs premiere on MPTV-10 and MPTV-HD on Fridays at 10 p.m. and repeat on MPTV-36 Sundays at 3 p.m. Broadcast dates and titles follow:

Friday, May 8

"Inner Pain: Children and Mental Illness"

What does the future hold for children with mental illness? Children, especially those living in poverty, are at risk for failure in school, in society, and in life. Is there adequate treatment?

Friday, May 16

"Juvenile Justice in Wisconsin: Is the system working?"

How good is Wisconsin at rehabilitating juvenile offenders? Do adult jails,
or juvenile institutions, or restorative justice programs have greater success? The prognosis for young people who commit crimes will be discussed next time on 4th Street Forum.

Friday, May 23

"Lake Michigan's Fate and Milwaukee's Future"

Lake Michigan, Milwaukee's "Fresh Coast," birthed this city. The two areintertwined. Now will Milwaukee use its great lake to promote regional cooperation and city growth?

The 4th Street Forum is a project of the Milwaukee Turners in cooperation with Milwaukee Public Television. The discussions are open to the public and take place at Turner Hall, 1034 N. 4th St., on Thursdays at noon. Denise Callaway, Jack Murtaugh, and Enrique Figueroa serve as moderators for the series.