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MPTV Relocates Digital Channels

August 12, 2008

Several digital channels offered by Milwaukee Public Television, including its high definition simulcast of MPTV-10, will move to new locations beginning Monday, Sept. 1, at 12:01 a.m.

Viewers who receive their digital TV signal over the air will find MPTV-HD, the high definition channel, at 10.1. It will provide a simulcast of the programs on MPTV-10, one of the two analog channels operated by Milwaukee's public television station.

A digital version of MPTV-36, the other analog channel, will be available on 36.1, but it will not be high definition. Both analog stations will continue to present their regular programming until Feb. 17. On that date, television stations are required to begin broadcasting in the digital format.

"The new MPTV digital line-up is more logical," said Tom Dvorak, MPTV's Director of Broadcasting. "When everything changes in February, it will make it easier for viewers to find their favorite programs."

MPTV offers several other digital stations, including MPTV Create, which presents cooking, gardening, travel and other lifestyle programming; V-me, a Spanish language mix of education and entertainment; and MPTV World, providing public affairs coverage and documentaries.

V-me will be 36.2, MPTV World will be 36.3, and MPTV Create will be 36.4. These channels, as well as 10.1 and 36.1, also are available on some cable systems. Viewers should consult their cable guides to find the locations.
MPTV also offers two digital music channels, MPTV Classical 36.5, MPTV Jazz 36.6 and two informational channels MPTV Weather 36.7 and MPTV Traffic 36.8.

MPTV KIDS, on digital channel 10.3 and Time Warner Cable channel 552 on Time Warner Cable, will end. The same day, the weekday schedule of children's programs on MPTV-10-HD and MPTV-10 will expand to 13 hours, from 5 a.m.-6 p.m.

MPTV KIDS began as a pre-packaged service from PBS, a 24-hours children's channel. Three years ago,
PBS stopped offering that service to stations. At that time, MPTV made the decision to continue running
the channel using a back-up feed of PBS programming and repeating it every 12 hours. PBS is now eliminating that back-up feed so they can transmit more and more programs in high definition, which requires the use of greater bandwidth. Therefore, MPTV can no longer offer a 24-hour children's channel.

MPTV has been and continues to be committed to children: the new 13-hour block of children's programming, delivered in HD for the first time, is evidence of that. To review the children's lineup from 5 a.m.-6 p.m., click on TV SCHEDULES above.

Visit and select TV schedules for more information.
For more information, contact...Tom Dvorak, Director of Broadcasting, 414 297-7587