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Abrams Launches 25th Season

January 8, 2009

Abrams Launches 25th Season

Milwaukee, WI - Award-winning Producer Jack Abrams (pictured) is kicking off his 25th season of OUTDOOR WISCONSIN on Thur., Jan.15, at 8 p.m. on MPTV 10 & 10.1 HD. OUTDOOR WISCONSIN is the longest running locally produced MPTV production with 1125 episodes since 1984.

According to Abrams, two MPTV engineers and outdoor enthusiasts had the idea for a weekly show on fishing and hunting. Abrams expanded on the idea to produce a weekly magazine-style series that would appeal to a broader audience, including backyard bird enthusiasts to snow golfers, ice fisherman to deer hunters, rifle collectors to outdoor gear designers, children to senior citizens, males and females. He credits the success of the show to the variety of segments produced. What he enjoys most is the opportunity to teach viewers how to use, enjoy, share, and conserve Wisconsin's natural resources.

Abrams has worked with host Dan Small since the show's inception in 1984. He wants to acknowledge current segment producers Debby Wolniak and Judy Nugent, who provide the female viewpoint of Wisconsin's outdoors, conservation, and the environment; fishing guide Tom Newbauer; and a relative newcomer to the series behind-the-scenes producer Diane Martin.

Abrams grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications at Ohio University, first worked at a CBS affiliate in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and arrived in Milwaukee in 1980, to direct on-air programming at WMVS/WMVT. His program has won numerous awards from the Outdoor Writers Association of America, the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, the Michigan Outdoor Writers Association, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Bureau of Wildlife Management, the Communicators, CEN Milestone, the Vision, Bronze Telly, United Conservation Alliances Good News on Hunting Contest, Columbus International Film & Video Festival, the Press Club, and Friends of Havenwood, Inc.

The season premiere is a documentary special, produced by Michael Garvin and Judy Nugent, on the Wisconsin Black Bear Project, a scientific study of the movement of black bears in northwestern Wisconsin. The project is based at the UW Steven's Point College of Natural Resources in partnership with the Ashland High School, numerous volunteers, and contributors. The special brings viewers face to face with Wisconsin's black bears. It will repeat Saturday, Jan. 17 at 9 a.m. on 10 & 10.1.

For more information on Wisconsin's abundant recreational opportunities and natural environmental stewardship, check the links on the OUTDOOR WISCONSIN web site or call MPTV Viewer Services at 414-297-7520.

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