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May 6, 2009


Saturday, May 9, 2000 - 8 am to 10:30 pm - MPTV 36.1 DT & 36

Milwaukee, WI - STUDENT OPERATIONS 2009 is a joint venture between the students and instructional department at Milwaukee Area Technical College's Television and Video Production Division and Milwaukee Public Television. Each year for over the last 40 years, TV students have "taken over" WMVT-Channel 36 for a full day of student produced programs. This year, STUDENT OPERATIONS 2009 is scheduled for Saturday, May 9, 2009, from 8:00 am until 10:30 pm on MPTV 36.1 Digital and 36 Analog. It is carried on SE Wisconsin cable provides and satellite program providers as well. For the first time ever, programming will be streamed to the World Wide Web throughout the day of STUDENT OPS 2009. Students have created web links and
The individual program descriptions follow.

8 am - "The Fate of Three Cats"
Student Producers/Directors: Jose Santiago and LC Satterfield
Hosts LC Satterfield and Jose Santiago present three stray cat scenarios and discuss outcomes with special guests Angela Speed of the WI Humane Society, Malanie Sobel of Animal Control, and cat owner Howard Bywater.

8:30 am - "Comedy in Milwaukee"
Student Producers/Directors: Connie Tilot, Sam Eng, Brandon Clark, and Keith Gaffney
Milwaukee's comedy scene is explored; interviews with stand-up, sketch, established, and amateur comedians.

9:00 am - "The Modification of Dance"
Student Producers/Directors: Jasmine Winters, Chanel Johnson, Tonya Billingsley, and Sabrina Jordan
The various styles of dance are explored, with discussion on how they've evolved and influenced other dance styles and cultures. Dancers from Dance Works Inc and Fred Astaire Dance Studios join the program.

9:30 am - "Peering Into the Pabst"
Student Producers/Directors: Stephanie Geisler and Spencer Dehaven
John Eastburg and Jim Haertel discuss the life of Captain Frederick Pabst and his influence on Milwaukee.

10:00 am - "Horizons"
Student Producer/Director: Jason Knaak
This program captures beautiful aerial views of Wisconsin.

10:30 am - "African American History in Milwaukee"
Student Producer/Director: Daniel Turner
This program explores Milwaukee's African-American history.

11:30 am - "Living with Spina Bifida"
Student Producer/Director: James Magee
The challenges of living with the developmental birth defect known as Spina Bifida are examined.

12:00 noon - "Turn Dial"
Student Producer/Director: Steven Van Plew
Radio's future is explored. Technology is changing rapidly and what must radio do to survive? Alan Kirshbo, general manager of Entercom Milwaukee LLC talks about how radio is adapting along with Milwaukee's local 103.7 Kiss FM morning personalities Wes McKane, Rahny Taylor, and Alley Faith. Kidd O'Shead, morning host of WMYX and Mike Wickette, sports radio at 1250 WSSP contribute their thoughts.

12:30 am - "Hmong: The Lost Culture"
Student Producer/Director: Sheng Yang
Music is an integral part of Hmong culture, but this program discovers many musicians have stopped playing traditional music as they adapt to life in the U.S. Guests include: Shaolin Entertainment; Fres Thao from Illegoaliens; traditional Hmong singer Va X. Yang Qee; and, student Nyiab Kub Yang.

1:00 pm - "Backyard Board Park"
Student Producer/Director: Joe Neighbours
A group of snowboarders create a board park in their backyard--complete with jumps and a 25-foot launch ramp made of plywood and pallets.

1:30 pm - "A Look into Brady Street"
Student Producer/Director: Mari Malave
This program explores the various shops of Milwaukee's Brady Street

2:00 pm - Inner City Hustler
Student Producer/Director: Isaiah Nance
Milwaukee rap artists discuss their experiences of trying to make it in a competitive industry. Guests include Rome Gotti, Cash, KCO, and others.

2:30 pm - "Broad-Minded TV"
Student Producer/Director: Jeremy Eineichner
The ladies of Milwaukee's Broad-Minded-TV perform a hilarious sketch starring Megan McGee, Melissa Kingston, Stacy Babl, and Anne Graff LaDisa.

3:30 pm - "Old Buildings, New Times"
Student Producer/Director: Ashley Chucka
This program uncovers the history of popular Milwaukee landmarks, including Alterra Coffee near Lake Michigan, the Eagles Club; and City Hall.

4:00 pm - "Stay in the Lane"
Student Producer/Director: Dwight Morgan
This program explores the history of bowling.

4:30 pm - "Rock 'n' Roller Remote Controller"
Student Producers/Directors: Cole Juntila, Lori Dilaveri, and Karen Gauger
Host Tabman interviews members of three Milwaukee bands: The Dinosaur Pills, The Goodnight Loving, and The International Datelines. Members of Alabama's Thomas Function are also interviewed. Music videos of each band are featured.

5:00 pm - "Researchers of the Paranormal"
Student Producers/Directors: Blake Welytok, Daniel Anthony, and Steve Sanders
Three paranormal researchers struggling to publish their work begin an investigation into alien abduction.

5:30 pm - "Irreversible"
Student Producers/Directors: Jonathan Bare, Nick Koscielniak, Ross Monagle, Brad Poglitsch
A low-level insurance agent goes on the run after being framed for murder. Will he have enough time to uncover the truth? Starring Matthew Lubus, Brian Unrath, Jonathan Bare, Ross Monagle, Brad Paglitsch, and Robert Getschow.

6:00 pm - "MATC: The Soundtrack"
Student Producer/Director: John Neighbours
A behind-the-scenes look is taken at MATC music students as they prepare for their big concert.

6:30 pm - "Running Free: An Urban Exploration Documentary"
Student Producer/Director: Ethan Lightner
This program explores Parkour, the efficient movement of the body to overcome obstacles. Those that have mastered the art are profiled, including Traceurs Nick Kane of Los Angeles and Brian Rower of

7:00 pm - "Think Floyd USA"
Student Producers/Directors: Austin Thomas, Jim Steinmetz, Austin Thomas, James Magee
America's premier Pink Floyd tribute band performs at the Hamilton Fine Arts Center in Sussex, WI. The Chicago-based nine-piece band's stunning light, laser, and sound effects accurately recreate the Pink Floyd experience.

8:30 pm - "Thirsty"
Student Producer/Director: Kyle M. Schwenn
Kyle M. Schwenn is followed throughout Milwaukee as he attempts 40 things drinkers should do before they die.

9:30 pm - "Interesting Milwaukee"
Student Producer/Director: Thomas Sennholz
This program explores some of Milwaukee's lesser-known hotspots.

10:00 pm - "The Shawan McElveen Show"
Student Producer/Director Shawan McElveen
A variety of wild topics are discussed by host Shawan McElveen and guests Mr. Two Smooth, Chuck Dunkerson, Candy Lace, and Matt Miller.

More information available by contacting MPTV Executive in Charge of Student Productions, and Instructional Chair of the TVP Program at MATC, Kevin F. Pulz, at 414-271-1036, or emailing Or, contact the students directly at
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