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January 3, 2011

Milwaukee, WI (December 31, 2010) -- When the decorating and gift giving are over, January is the month to relax and catch some great shows on MPTV. The usual quality fare can be expected: New Year's Day entertainment, classic movies, British dramas, mysteries, emerging science, political spectacles, a new series for kids, master biographies, industry pioneer stories, local history exploration, anniversary celebrations and more. A few of the titles are:

American Masters - Jeff Bridges; The Doors
Carreras Domingo Pavarotti in Concert
Dierks Bentley Live from the Ryman
Dinosaur Wars
Elsa's Legacy - Born Free 50th Anniversary
Frontline - Are We Safer
Great Performances - From Vienna; Sondheim
Independent Lens - Men Who Swim
Jobs - MPTV Special
Killer Stress - National Geographic
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrations 2011
Masterpiece Classic - Downton Abbey; My Boy Jack
Muscle Car Workout
Pioneers of Television - Science Fiction
Roger Ebert Presents
Wild Kratts
Wisconsin Gubernatorial Inauguration
Wisconsin Stories - Wausau

Dates, times, and descriptions of all January highlights and premieres are at Premieres and Highlights.

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