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February 8, 2011


~ Featured art is Clay Matthews print by Goralski.
Featured car is a 2011 Camaro. ~

Milwaukee, WI (February 8, 2011) -- Fortunately for the Channel 10 Great TV Auction, the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl victory played right into their planning for the 43rd annual fund raising event, which runs April 29 through May 7. The MPTV Auction 2011 sports featured art is Clay Matthews "Storm Chaser" by Artist Andrew Goralski, and the car in the Auction raffle is a 2011 Camaro.

Planning and execution have helped the Auction continue to be the largest grossing PBS station auction in the United States. According to Auction Director Art Langlas, "Over 3,000 volunteers, 2,500 donors and almost 10,000 buyers combine to make the Channel 10 Great TV Auction the anticipated community event that it has become. Over $2,000,000 worth of items will be offered during this nine day marathon."

Other Packers items such as signed photos, helmets, and footballs will also be on the auction block. Pre-bids for the prints can be called in to 262-781-4998. Interested art bidders can see the prints at the Auction's 2011 Art Preview Exhibit at the Wisconsin Realtors 87th Home & Garden Show at State Fair Park Expo Center beginning March 25th. Camaro raffle tickets are available at The car can be seen at Ewald Chevrolet Buick in Oconomowoc.

About the title from Andrew Goralski:

In this painting, I wanted to show Clay's reckless abandonment, contrasting with his unique facial features. This painting has qualities that both men and woman will like. One of my favorite things to do is watch an approaching storm. The clouds take on a menacing shape. The wind kicks up, things start blowing around. The air can be peaceful one minute and then the storm erupts. In my painting, the storm represents the line of scrimmage, two opposing forces like hot and cold air clashing together. The players willingly "chase the storm."

The moment just before the storm approaches is reminiscent of the calm before the ball is hiked. The pocket or vortex is where all the action is. The center of the storm is the most dangerous. A "Storm Chaser" likes to be part of this action. He is allured by the threat of danger, knowing if he goes into the storm he could get hurt. Yet for those who "tackle" the storm, the rewards are great. The climax happens when Clay Matthews sacks the quarterback and the storms fury comes to an abrupt end leaving nothing left to cleanup but a fallen quarterback. Last but not least, Clay poses in his classic victory celebration. (Pictured are Clay Matthews with Andrew Goralski.)

Auction featured art:
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