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Public Television Documents Growth

February 17, 2012

Milwaukee, WI--PBS is living up to its "Be More" slogan, according to recent Nielsen Company ratings.

The country's public television service increased its primetime rating by four percent during the 2010-2011 season, compared to the previous season, bringing some 123 million people to its programs in a typical month.

Season two of "Downton Abbey" drew 6.3 million viewers for its first episode, making it the highest rated Masterpiece episode in 17 years, according to Nielsen. (Locally, the Milwaukee Public Television premiere of Downton Abbey's second-season finale earned a 4.9 rating, the highest in the series' history. In comparison, last season's finale had a 2.6 rating.)

After moving to Wednesday nights, NOVA began drawing 700,000 more viewers on average to its science-oriented shows.

An additional million more children watched PBS in 2010-2011 than in the previous season. PBS had seven of the top 10 programs among mothers of young children in December, 2011, and the top three programs for kids age two to five.

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