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May 23, 2012

Milwaukee, WI--Milwaukee Public Television will begin offering NEXT AVENUE, a national website targeting people who are age 50 or older, in southeastern Wisconsin on Friday, June 1.

Designed to help adults over 50 lead more fulfilling lives, NEXT AVENUE offers in-depth information in several specific areas. They include health and well-being, money and security, work and purpose, living and learning, and caregiving. Viewers can access the site by clicking on the NEXT AVENUE logo on the MPTV homepage ( beginning June 1.

With the help of a grant from Milwaukee's Helen Bader Foundation, the station also is developing ways to use the site to serve the needs of Milwaukee area viewers.

"We are organizing a series of local community conversations that parallel and draw from the information on the NEXT AVENUE website," said Ellis Bromberg, MPTV's general manager.

The public discussions will feature local experts and take place at various locations. The specific schedule of events will be announced later this year.

"The 50+ demographic is huge, diverse and influential, and NEXT AVENUE will give them the tools they need to enrich their lives," said Judy Diaz, NEXT AVENUE president. The website-based resource was launched nationally May 15.

The site includes video from programs like PBS NewsHour and contributions from PBS personalities such as travel host Rick Steves. The site also draws material from trusted organizations such as the National Council on Aging and the Family Caregiver Alliance.

Top experts and leading journalists provide insight and perspective. Among them are Chris Farrell, from NPR's Marketplace Money; John Sharp, a Harvard neuropsychiatrist, and marriage expert Terri Orbuch.

MPTV is one of more than 70 PBS affiliates across the country providing the nationwide service. Next Avenue is coordinated by Twin Cities Television.

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