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MPTV Seeks Viewer Feedback

October 1, 2012

Milwaukee Public Television is providing a new way for viewers to critique, applaud, or just talk about the station's programming--the MPTV REACTION LINE, according to Ellis Bromberg, the station's general manager.

The telephone response line will feature one program every week for review. It may be a local production, a high-profile national program, or the premiere of a new series. Viewers can find their titles and airtimes by clicking on the REACTION LINE logo at, and then dial the specified phone number, and record their comments.

"We get a lot of feedback at the station - letters, phone calls, Facebook," Bromberg said. "What's different here is that we are assertively asking about specific programs."

REACTION LINE feedback will be transcribed and made available to the public as well as MPTV staff. Shows to be reviewed in October include HALF THE SKY, FRONTLINE'S "The Choice," FOYLE'S WAR, MY FAMILY, JOANNA LUMLEY: GREEK ODYSSEY, and MILWAUKEE HOLY ORDERS, THE MAKING OF A PRIEST. For more details on the program, go to