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GeekDad: Soda Bottle Water Rocket

wed, 26 mar 2008 01:01:01 est

Have you ever wanted to launch your own rocket? Well, now you can, with little more than a two liter soda bottle, wire hangers, a bicycle pump and some PVC pipe.

NASA Glove Challenge Winner

thu, 13 mar 2008 01:01:01 est

Meet Peter Homer. The man who won $200,000 in NASA's first-ever Astronaut Glove Challenge.

NASA Space Suit: EMU

thu, 13 mar 2008 01:01:01 est

Explore the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) - an independent anthropomorphic system that provides mobility, environmental protection, communications and life support for an astronaut.

GeekDad: Cigar Box Guitar

tue, 04 mar 2008 01:01:01 est

Have you ever wanted to build your own guitar? Forget Gibson and Yamaha - you can create your own custom design in a single afternoon with less than $20 and a cigar box.

Maker Faire

wed, 20 feb 2008 01:01:01 est

Join Ziya Tong as she visits Maker Faire, an event where inventors build, craft, hack and play. If it doesn't sound familiar, picture a huge gathering of nerds and geeks who have just crawled out of their basements to show off what they've been secretly working on for the last several months.

WIRED SCIENCE Student Video Contest

wed, 23 jan 2008 01:01:01 est

So you think you can take an ordinary science idea and turn it into an extraordinary online video? Well, here's your chance to prove it. WIRED SCIENCE wants high school students to share their science know-how with the world. By joining our Student Video Contest they can show off their science savvy for a chance to win $2,000! Entries are due April 1, 2008. Winners will be announced May 17, 2008. Visit http://www.pbs.org/wiredscience for details.

Satellite Shopping

wed, 16 jan 2008 01:01:01 est

It's been 50 years since the first satellite, Sputnik, was launched into orbit. Now, communication satellites are used in everything from radio and television to Internet connections. Special correspondent Adam Rogers knows a good business opportunity when he sees it and tries get in on the satellite action.

Perfect Water

wed, 26 dec 2007 01:01:01 est

Hollywood film studios have been using computers to create special effects for years. But to make computer-generated water look real on the big screen, you have to understand some pretty complicated physics. Special correspondent Adam Rogers goes behind the scenes at one of the world's best visual effects companies, to show us how they cracked the code to create "perfect water" for the third Pirates of the Caribbean film.

What's Inside Rainn Wilson

wed, 26 dec 2007 01:01:01 est

The Office scene-stealer Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) joins host Chris Hardwick to check out the chemical guts of an everyday product and finds you're never more than two steps away from something intoxicating.

The Grapes of Math

wed, 19 dec 2007 01:01:01 est

Winemaking is one of our civilization's oldest crafts, but modern vintners are using more than oak barrels and fermentation to create the grape elixir. Host Ziya Tong travels to the California wine country to find out whether computer controlled micro-oxygenation and soil sensors can create the perfect vintage.

Luis von Ahn: Human Computation

wed, 19 dec 2007 01:01:01 est

Computer scientist Luis von Ahn is best known for inventing those twisted, blurry words that websites ask you to type to post a comment or send an email. Called "CAPTCHAs," they help websites ensure that you are a real human, and not a computer.. Host Ziya Tong talks to the genius award recipient about how he hopes to trick us all into digitizing old books, one CAPTCHA at a time.

Where's My Rocketbelt?

wed, 21 nov 2007 01:01:01 est

Rocketbelts went from being a grand military ambition to a classic James Bond moment, to part of a future that never materialized. WIRED SCIENCE travels to the first International Rocketbelt Convention in Niagara Falls to meet rocketbelt legends past and present

What's Inside with Chris Hardwick

wed, 21 nov 2007 01:01:01 est

Host Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of everyday products and finds you're never more than two steps away from something surprising.

The Business of Disease

wed, 14 nov 2007 01:01:01 est

Who decides when a disease or syndrome gets a name, a drug and its very own TV commercial? Host Ziya Tong takes a look at Restless Leg Syndrome, one of the newest diseases to hit the big time.

High-Speed Photos

wed, 14 nov 2007 01:01:01 est

Did you know those little, yellow disposal cameras you buy at the local Safeway can also capture an image of a speeding bullet or a balloon the instant it's popped? Master crafter, Bre Pettis, shows host Ziya Tong how to hack the sluggish, 35mm camera into high-speed strobe.

What's Inside with Chris Hardwick

thu, 8 nov 2007 01:01:01 est

Take a tour with Chris Hardwick of what's inside...your mouth.


thu, 8 nov 2007 01:01:01 est

These days, major universities, drug companies, and even a few governments maintain their own biobanks, which are basically places where scientists store human parts like brains, blood and livers to use in medical research. WIRED Science visits a biobank in Sun City, Arizona, where the residents are the bank's biggest donors.

Blood Simple

wed, 31 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Be it A, B, AB or O, must of us don't think about blood until we see it. Physicians at Virginia Commonwealth University are cracking the elusive problem and testing a synthetic blood that cuold be better at transporting oxygen than the real thing.

Demo: Glow Stick

wed, 31 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Learn what puts the "glow" in glowsticks when hsot Chris hardwick delves into the world dof chemoluminescence.

What's Inside with Chris Hardwick

wed, 24 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Chris Hardwick investigates the obscure components of something that can be found in man's best friend

Experiment Cave

wed, 24 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Deep underground, scientists are searching for neutrinos, the most elusive particles in the universe.

What's Inside with Chris Hardwick

wed, 17 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Chris Hardwick unearths the contents of a product that helps our products grow.

Ball Busters

wed, 17 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

We take a trip to the lab to learn just how a mechanical engineer is keeping America's pastime honest.

Zone Creep

mon, 08 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

While most people associate global warming with impending droughts, floods, and species extinction, some gardeners are reaping the floral rewards of a hotter planet. Is this the upside of global warming or are these gardeners just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic?

Lie Detectors

sun, 07 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

A new wave of lie-detection technology relies on fMRI imaging technology and claims to be able to see inside your mind to tell if you are lying. Wired Senior Editor Adam Rogers subjects himself to this new technology and sees whether or not he's even thinking of a lie.

Flotsam Found

sat, 06 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Retired oceanographer Curt Ebbesmeyer and his colleague tracked thousands of plastic toys that fell off a freighter during a storm to map current patterns. Their work leads them to an unbelievable discovery; a mass of swirling garbage in the North Atlantic as large as the state of Texas.

What's Inside with Chris Hardwick

mon, 01 oct 2007 01:01:01 est

Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of one of America's favorite dessert toppings.

Dangerous Science

sun, 30 sep 2007 01:01:01 est

Wired Senior Editor Adam Rogers goes in search of an old-fashioned chemistry set experience, and gets radioactive in the processes.

World War 2.0

sat, 29 sep 2007 01:01:01 est

Josh Davis, WIRED Magazine Contributing Editor, investigates the 2007 botnet attack that took down Europe's most wired country.