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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 Sea Eagle Amidst the bleak and unwelcoming wintry landscapes of Central Europe remains one of Europe's last surviving birds of prey--the white tailed eagle. Two young birds are followed, as they fight to stay alive in a world of danger and on a journey that only the fittest survive. (3 of 10) 803 SU 04/13/14 08:00pm 00:50:09 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.1 Giant Otters Diane McTurk is famous for her successes with the rehabilitation of rescued, orphaned giant otter pups. She's followed, as she goes in search of an otter she hasn't seen for a year. (4 of 10) 804 SU 04/20/14 08:00pm 00:50:32 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.1 Cry of the Wolves The Jordan River runs in deep valleys through a mountainous landscape, providing shelter for a variety of animals. A pair of wolves are followed, as they meet and start a family, and begin a new pack. (5 of 10) 805 SU 05/11/14 08:00pm 00:50:38 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.1 Valley of the Golden Baboon Golden baboons in the Luangwa Valley, one of the last true wildernesses in Africa are profiled. The setting appears to be an idyllic, but below this tranquil scene, is a concentration of animal drama found nowhere else in Africa. (6 of 10) 806 SU 05/18/14 08:01pm 00:50:36 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.1 Lions Behaving Badly Some lions ambush their prey and quickly kill them, while others take things slowly and painfully. Experts explore why some lions may or may not be behaving badly. (7 of 10) 807 SU 05/25/14 08:00pm 00:50:55 - (CC) (DVS) ST