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Baking with Julia

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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.3 Esther McManus, Campbell Soup Company Esther McManus, chef, baker, instructor and consultant, prepares almond croissants, plain croissants, chocolate croissants, pate filled croissants and basteeya.
201 TH 07/17/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Author Beatrice Ojakangas Julia welcomes Beatrice Ojakangas, a Scandinavian Cookbook author from Duluth, Minnesota into her kitchen, where Beatrice demonstrates how to make a series of real Danish pastries. She shows her how to make the flaky dough, the apricot, prune and cream fillings that go inside and the sugar glaze that goes on the outside. Beatrice ends by showing Julia how to manupulate the dough into a Danish Braid.
202 TU 07/22/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford/Flatbreads Bakers Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid show Julia several methods for creating pita or flat breads, and the toppings that go with them. Jeffrey makes a wheat flour dough pita bread in the oven and in a skillet, and Naomi prepares a Eastern Mediterranean Lamb and tomato bread, using the unusual spices of cinnamon and allspice.
203 TH 07/24/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Danielle Forestier, Instructor/Baking Consultant Master baker Danielle Forestier shows Julia how to make the classic French baguette. Using the traditional yet simple recipe of flour, water, salt and yeast and terra cotta baking tiles, Danielle demonstrates how this traditional French bread can be made at home.
204 TU 07/29/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Markus Farbinger, Culinary Institute of America Chef Julia Child observes, as pastry chef and master teacher Markus Farbinger creates a classic Viennese Pastry flavored with an espresso batter and layered with merengue. He also demonstrates how to make a decorative yet edible garnish of baskets made out of caramel, which are then filled with fruit.
205 TH 07/31/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Charlotte Akoto, Old Williamsburg Company Julia Child observes pastry chef Charlotte Akoto as she creates three different desserts: merengue sandwiches with chocolate cream center, chocolate merengues with a caramel cream filling, and a merengue Napoleon with whipped cream and fresh fruit . (6 of 13)
206 TU 08/05/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Marion Cunningham, Cookbook Author/Columnist Cooking teacher and author of "The New Fanny Farmer Cookbook" Marion Cunningham shows how to make a series of easy and delicious quickbreads, an American bakery staple. She makes moist buttermilk crumb muffins from a hundred year-old recipe; scones, half done in the traditional shape, half made in a roll-up style, served with butter, whipped cream and raspberries; an easy- to-make Irish soda bread; and, fluffy popovers served with a drizzling of honey. (7 of 13)
207 TH 08/07/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Johanne Killeen, Al Forno, RI Chef Julia Child observes pastry chef Johanna Killeen as she makes "baby cakes," miniature cakes made from of the same basic batter, but varied with different flavoring ingredients.
208 TU 08/12/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Leslie Mackie, Seattle, WA Chef Julia Child observes as pastry chef and owner of Seattle's Macrina Bakery, Leslie Mackie bakes an assortment of tarts and pies. (9 of 13)
209 TH 08/14/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 David Ogonowski, Charlestown, MA Julia Child observes as chef David Ogonowski makes a triple chocolate truffle treat. He demonstrates how to make the dough for the chocolate tart shell and the filling, which consists of a custard flavored with bits of chopped white and dark chocolate and biscotti. Ogonowski also shows Julia how to make a garnish for the plate the dessert will be served on, including a wafer-thin chocolate cookie topped with homemade espresso parfait, creating a complex dessert of contrasting smooth and crisp textures, and warm and cool temperatures.
210 TU 08/19/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Joe Ortiz, Capitola, CA Joe Ortiz, a baker from Gayle's Bakery & Rosticceria in Capitola, California, shows chef Julia Child how to make crusty sourdough bread loaves in several decorative shapes. First, he makes homemade yeast, pulling bacteria wild and yeast out of the air with a mixture of flour, milk, water, and cumin. Adding more flour, he crafts a dough which he shapes into a loaf garnished with a sheaf of wheat, and mini-loaves shaped like a star and a cluster of grapes.
211 TH 08/21/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 David Blom, North Miami, FL David Blom, pastry chef at Chef Allen's Restaurant in North Miami, shows Julia Child how to bake traditional Polish cakes known as babas and savarin. He uses a single recipe to create the spongy dough, which is baked and sweetened further by soaking in a sugar syrup. He then flavors them with a variety of liqueurs, including rum, kirsch, and champagne. The cakes are garnished with fresh fruits, whipped cream, and a homemade custard flavored with vanilla bean.
212 TU 08/26/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.3 Norman Love, South Florida Norman Love, executive pastry chef at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida shows chef Julia Child how to make savory puffs and eclairs. The dough is flavored with cucumber and red onion juice, and is one of the only pastries that is cooked twice: once in a saucepan, and again in the oven. The puffs are filled with a salmon mousse, while the eclairs are split and filled with a mascarpone cheese and vegetable medley.
213 TH 08/28/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST