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Basic Statistical Methods

Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 Measures of Variation Not all readings are equal. Variations around and deviations from the center are evaluated as chance influences or significant extremes. 102 SU 09/14/14 06:00am 00:56:49 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Charts and Graphs Even a simple picture may suggest patterns in the data not grasped from numerals. 103 SU 09/21/14 06:00am 00:56:49 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Basic Concepts of Probability Basic manipulations of probabilities can improve one's ability to evaluate data. 104 SU 09/28/14 06:00am 00:56:49 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Concepts of Process Control Statistical process control allows one to discriminate between what needs fixing and what does not. 105 SU 10/05/14 06:00am 00:56:49 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Studying A Single Variable Before getting embroiled in relations between variables, it is wise to take stock of what can be done to study just one. 106 SU 10/12/14 06:00am 00:56:46 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Using A Computer In Statistics The wise student in statistics learns to use a computer to work faster and broaden one's grasp of the data. 107 SU 10/19/14 06:00am 00:56:49 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Studying Relations--Contingency Tables, Pt. 1 Two-dimensinal tables of counts are a simple but extremely powerful tool for reading basic probabilities and searching out relations between important variables. 108 SU 10/26/14 06:00am 00:56:49 (RPT) × × MN