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China's Challenges

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10.2 Are The Chinese People Really Happy? China is undergoing the greatest transformation in history and competing in every arena of human endeavor. But China is beset with problems: economic dislocations, dangerous disparities between rich and poor, inadequate and imbalanced social services, epidemic pollution, endemic corruption, and tensions over political reform. Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn reveals the critical issues that China's new leaders face in dealing with healthcare, education, housing, retirement. (1 of 5)
101 SU 05/11/14 04:00pm 00:59:00 - (CC) × ST
10.2 Where Is China's Economy Going? Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn examines the implications of China's cheap-labor advantage coming to an end; its air and water pollution; and a society fractured by rich and poor. (2 of 5)
102 SU 05/11/14 05:00pm 00:59:00 - (CC) × ST
10.2 Are The Chinese People 'real' Citizens? Although China is an economic superpower, it is beset with problems. A look is taken at how to make the government more accountable for violations; curtailing corruption; and, human rights for all citizens. (3 of 5)
103 SU 05/18/14 04:00pm 00:59:00 - (CC) × ST
10.2 China Can Produce, Can China Create? China seeks to be a "moderately well-off society". A look is taken at new technologies China is developing, and the importance of innovation and protecting intellectual property rights. (4 of 5)
104 SU 05/18/14 05:00pm 00:59:00 - (CC) × ST
10.2 What Do The Chinese People Believe? Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn reveals the critical issues that China's new leaders face. (5 of 5)
105 SU 05/25/14 04:00pm 00:59:00 - (CC) × ST