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Essential Pepin

Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.3 Fruit Fete Jacques creates: Good Lady Apples Bon Femme; Stew ff Red Summer Fruit; Braised Pears in Caramel Sauce; Flambeed Bananas; and, Apple Fritters. 112 TH 04/10/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Vegetable Bounty Jacques prepares: Endive With Olives; Stewed Navy Beans; Gratin Of Leeks; Classic Ratatouille; and, Tomatoes Maison. 113 TU 04/15/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Family Favorites Jacques prepares: Grilled Leg Of Lamb; Pork Loin Tournedos With Cream And Calvados; Puerto Rican Pork And Beans; and, Lamb Navarin. 114 TH 04/17/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 All Puffed Up Jacques prepares: Sugared Puff Paste Sticks; Fast Puff Pastry; Crystallized Puff Paste of Orange; Choux A La Creme; Chocolate Paris-Brest Cake. 115 TU 04/22/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Shell-Ebration Jacques prepares: Crab Cakes With Avocado Sauce; Oysters Madison; Mussels Poulette; Mussels Gratinee; Clam Fritters. 116 TH 04/24/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Rollin' In Dough Jacques prepares Soda Bread; Gros Pain; Long Proofed Baguette; Brioche; Bread Galettes. 117 TU 04/29/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Egg-Ceptional Jacques prepares Mollet Eggs Florentine; Eggs In Ramekins; Eggs En Cocotte; Scrambled Eggs In Bread Cases With Candied Oyster Mushrooms; Fines Herbs Omelet; Mushroom Omelet; Flat Potato Omelet. 118 TH 05/01/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Game Day Jacques prepares Venison Steaks in Sweet-Sour Sauce; Skillet Duck with Red Oak Salad; and, Sauteed Rabbit With Morels And Pearl Onions. 119 TU 05/06/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Souper Soups for Supper Jacques prepares Tomato Chowder with Mollet Eggs; Black Bean Soup with Bananas; and, Garlic Soup. 120 TH 05/08/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Light As Air Jacques prepares: Meringue Shells with Chantilly Cream; Macaroons; Chocolate Rolls; and, Chocolate Souffle Cake With Raspberry Sauce. 121 TU 05/13/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Good Catch! Jacques prepares: Grilled Swordfish With Spicy Yogurt Sauce; Baked Mackerel with Potatoes and Onions; Seafood With "Handkerchiefs;" and, Poached Trout in Vegetable Broth. 122 TH 05/15/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Eggs-Quisite Jacques prepares Quiche with Bacon; Eggs Jeannette; Flan with Green Herbs; and, Spinach, Ham and Parmesan Souffle. 123 TU 05/20/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Sweet Endings Jacques creates Chocolate Mint Truffettes, Quick Almond And Plum Cake, Tuiles A L'orange, and Summer Cornets Susie. 124 TH 05/22/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Ocean Options Jacques prepares: Brandade De Morue Au Gratin; Sea Bass in Shredded Potato Skins; Nage Courte of Striped Bass; and, Codfish in Olive Oil and Horseradish Sauce. 125 TU 05/27/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.3 Fowl Play Jacques' menu includes Turkey Cutlets in Anchovy-Lemon Sauce; Grilled Chicken with Tarragon Butter; Roast Capon with Cognac and Mustard Sauce; and, Ballottine of Chicken With Spinach Filling. 126 TH 05/29/14 06:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST