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Globe Trekker

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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
10.1 Myanmar Megan visits Shwedagon Pagoda, the most revered Buddhist temple in Myanmar. Next she visits Inle Lake and then heads to the Shan Palace in the town of Hsipaw, where she uncovers a centuries-old tribal rivalry. Megan takes the train to Mandalay and visits the golden Mahamuni Buddha and to tries her hand at puppetry. Megan's last stop is the Rahkine State where she boards a boat to Ngapali Beach, the ultimate beach destination. (1 of 30)
1301 SU 04/13/14 10:59pm 00:58:03 - (CC) (DVS) ST
10.1 Globe Trekker Food Hour: Spice Trails Merrilees, Padma, Tyler and Peter travel the world to see how control of the spice trails has made great cities and destroyed ancient civilizations. They travel from the Molucca Islands of Indonesia, the original home of cloves and nutmeg, to the Indian province of Kerala, with its native pepper and cardamom. Leaving behind Sri Lanka's sublime cinnamon, they cross the oceans on Arab dhows, Chinese treasure junks and Portuguese caravels, in search of the world's flavor. Other stops along the trail include Venice, Beirut, Cairo, China, Spain and the Caribbean. They learn about spice blends that define the great cuisines of the world, including Jamaican jerk seasoning, Indian garam masala, Chinese 5-spice powder and Middle Eastern harissa. (2 of 30)
1302 SU 04/20/14 11:01pm 00:57:32 - (CC) (DVS) ST
10.1 East Texas Zay takes roping lessons and experiences the famous Gun Show in Ft. Worth, visits the Book Depository with an eyewitness to the Kennedy assassination in Dallas, travels to the oil fields in Kilgore, stops at the Huntsville State Penitentiary, tours the Johnson Space Center with Alan Bean in Houston and celebrates the 4th of July in Chappell Hill. (3 of 30)
1303 SU 05/04/14 11:00pm 00:57:31 - (CC) (DVS) ST
10.1 London City Guide 2 Brianna embarks on her tour of London at Buckingham Palace. She heads over to the National Gallery, checks out the fashionable Spitalfields Market, tours the street art scene, visits the finest shops in to Mayfair and bikes from Regent's Park to the Olympic Stadium. She takes a daytrip to Oxford for a tour of Christchurch, the largest of all the Oxford colleges. Back in London, Brianna speeds off along the Thames River to Greenwich for a look at the Royal Naval College and the National Maritime Museum, then pops over to the Tate Modern, visits stately Cliveden House and the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew. (4 of 30)
1304 SU 05/11/14 11:00pm 00:56:14 - (CC) (DVS) ST
10.1 Great Australian Hikes Zay embarks on five of Australia's greatest hikes: Mount Bishop and Clerk in Maria Island, the six foot track in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Mount Gower on Lord Howe Island and Lamington National Park in Queensland. He encounters the country's exotic wildlife and experiences the most spectacular views through the country's most historic regions. (5 of 30)
1305 SU 05/18/14 11:00pm 00:56:46 - (CC) (DVS) ST
10.1 Indonesia: Java & Sumatra Megan explores two of the 11,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Starting in Jakarta, she learns about shadow puppets, Java's most famous art form, and visits the old Dutch trading schooners. From there she climbs the famous Krakatoa volcano and goes diving in the waters nearby. After visiting the world-famous Boroubudur Temple, Megan travels to Sumatra, learning the ancient art of batik from the people who invented it. She visits the island of Nias, home to ancient Stone-Age culture and some of the best surfing in the world. She ends her trip in the orangutan preserve of Gunung Lenser Park. (6 of 30)
1306 SU 05/25/14 11:00pm 00:56:46 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.2 Myanmar 1301 SU 04/13/14 11:00pm 00:58:03 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.2 Globe Trekker Food Hour: Spice Trails 1302 SU 04/20/14 11:03pm 00:57:32 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.2 East Texas 1303 SU 05/04/14 11:00pm 00:57:31 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.2 London City Guide 2 1304 SU 05/11/14 11:00pm 00:56:14 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.2 Great Australian Hikes 1305 SU 05/18/14 11:00pm 00:56:46 - (CC) (DVS) ST
36.2 Indonesia: Java & Sumatra 1306 SU 05/25/14 11:00pm 00:56:46 - (CC) (DVS) ST