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Healthful Indian Flavors with Alamelu

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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 Lemon Rice/Eggplant Masala/Lima Beans/Rice Options Culinary instructor and author Alamelu Vairavan prepares delicious dish of Lemon Rice, transforms eggplant into a simple, irresistible dish of Eggplant Masala, and shows how to select the proper rice for rice dishes. (1 of 6)
101 SA 04/26/14 02:30pm 00:25:59 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.1 Bell Peppers/Garlic & Pepper Chicken/Yogurt Salad Culinary instructor and author Alamelu Vairavan prepares Garlic and Pepper Chicken accompanied by a rice dish cooked with a colorful blend of vegetables. She tosses together a refreshing Cucumber and Tomato Yogurt Salad, and visits the local market to buy fresh vegetables for recipes found in her book, "Healthy South Indian Cooking". (2 of 6)
102 SA 05/03/14 02:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.1 Black Eyed Peas Kulambu/Green Beans Poriyal/Caulif Culinary instructor and author Alamelu Vairavan creates healthful and tasty dishes that can be easily made at home, including: Aromatic Cauliflower Masala, a wholesome stir-fry of Green Beans Poriyal, and a high fiber saucy dish, Black Eyed Peas Kulambu. Alamelu offers tips on selecting ingredients at farmers' markets. (3 of 6)
103 SA 05/17/14 02:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST
36.1 Turkey Podimas/Brussel Sprouts Kulambu/Potatoes Culinary instructor and author Alamelu Vairavan transforms bland brussels sprouts into a saucy dish of Brussels Sprouts Kulambu. She whips up a simple roasted potato dish seasoned with spices; and, creates a delicious ground turkey dish of Turkey Podimas, cooked with split peas and coconut. She visits a local Indian grocery store to select spices uses in her recipes. (4 of 6)
104 SA 05/24/14 02:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) (CC) × ST