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36.1 The Truth About Hepatitis C Much mystery surrounds the Hepatitis C virus-also known as HCV. Millions of Americans are infected by HCV- but the truth is many don't know it. Experts who have researched the disease, and patients who have lived with it, talk about the potentially life-threatening virus. A look is taken at some of the breakthroughs that are changing the face of how this virus is treated,-and how that affects the lives of its victims. (1 of 5)
3001 SA 07/26/14 07:30am 00:26:30 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Severe Oral Mucositis: Ancer's Common Side Effect A look is taken at how doctors-oncologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists and others on the team fight against prostate cancer and its side effects. Learn about a new, precision-oriented biopsy procedure, called, "Mapping". Men who are living with advanced prostate cancer explain how they continue to enjoy fulfilling and active lives-even as they fight a deadly disease. (2 of 5)
3002 SA 08/02/14 07:30am 00:26:30 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Progress Made In Managing Glaucoma Glaucoma is a term used to describe a group of conditions that can cause damage to the optic nerve of the eye. With glaucoma, pressure builds up within the eye causing optic nerve damage. The result can be impaired vision, even blindness. Once vision loss occurs it cannot be reversed. In fact, glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the United States. Experts explain how early-stage glaucoma has no noticeable symptoms, and share why timely detection through regular eye exams is imperative, and can save many people from serious vision loss. (3 of 5)
3003 SA 08/09/14 07:30am 00:26:29 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Severe Oral Mucositis: Cancer's Common Side Effect Oral mucositis-severe mouth sores (SOM) is a serious problem for those undergoing cancer treatment. So serious as to be life-threatening in some people-and in others it can be so severe that potentially life-saving cancer treatment must be stopped. A look is taken at why these mouth sores develop as a result of cancer treatment, which patients are most vulnerable, and what can be done to prevent or treat these sores when they occur. (4 of 5)
3004 SA 08/16/14 07:30am 00:26:29 - (CC) × ST
36.1 New Hope for Living with Multiple Sclerosis More than 350 thousand Americans have multiple sclerosis, and today there are several treatment options that have been FDA-approved and more are in the pipeline. Doctors who have been on the front lines for decades in the battle against MS are interviewed. Patients talk about living healthy, active lives with this condition. (5 of 5)
3005 SA 08/23/14 07:30am 00:26:29 - (CC) × ST