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36.1 Sanctions and the Iranian Economy Moshen Bahmani, Chair of Department of Economics, Director of the Center for Research on International Economics at UW-Milwaukee, and editor of the Journal of Economic Studies, joins Doug Savage of UW-Milwaukee's Institute of World Affairs to discuss the Geneva agreement between Iran and the permanent members of the UN Security council plus Germany (that is, P5+1) which seeks to ease international sanctions against Iran regarding the Iranian nuclear program.
676 SU 07/20/14 04:30pm 00:26:45 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Shinzo Abe's Japan Michael Wert, Assistant Professor of History, Marquette University, joins Doug Savage, Institute of World Affairs, to discuss Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's goals to revise the Japanese constitution and reassert Japanese power in the East Asian and Pacific regions.
678 SU 07/27/14 04:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Healthcare Abroad Susan Giaimo, Professor of Political Science and Health Policy at Marquette University joins Doug Savage from UW-Milwaukee's Institute of World Affairs, to compare healthcare systems in the industrialized world and discuss how all governments must consider the three questions of access, quality and cost in determining the best health system for a nation.
682 SU 08/03/14 04:30pm 00:26:45 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 The Use and Abuse of Data Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst at ACLU, joins Doug Savage from UW-Milwaukee's Institute of World Affairs to discuss the commercial and government collection and use of data, big data, and metadata via our clicks, swipes, and geo-spatial location.
683 SU 08/10/14 04:30pm 00:26:46 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 China and the Internet Maximilian Mayer, senior fellow at the Center for Global Studies at the University of Bonn, discusses the tension in China between becoming a fully networked member of the global cyber community and the desire to monitor and control the flow of information. Doug Savage hosts.
687 SU 08/17/14 04:30pm 00:26:45 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 International Focus
689 SU 08/24/14 04:30pm 00:26:45 (RPT) × × MN
36.1 Politics of Austerity Host Doug Savage discusses the origins of economic austerity policies with Scottish political economist Mark Blyth and Jeffrey Sommers.
691 SU 08/31/14 04:30pm 00:26:45 (RPT) × × MN