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Ch. Title Description # Day Date Time Length RPT CC DVS AD MD
36.1 Mountain Gods and Businessmen In Japan, Karin Muller watches a mountain cult ceremony, where the participants walk on burning coals. Back in their sacred mountain hideaway the cultists undergo a secret training, with bizarre rituals and surprising revelations. Once the training is over, fall harvest in the surrounding village goes into full swing. (3 of 4)
103 WE 07/16/14 05:00am 00:56:46 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST
36.1 The Final Test Winter in northwestern Honshu Island is bitterly cold. Karin Muller visits the inhabitants of one village who distract themselves by staging winter kabuki, a 7-hour play held outdoors, in the snow. In nearby Yamagata a taiko drumming team is preparing for its own dramatic performance, complete with hissing dragons. (4 of 4)
104 TH 07/17/14 05:00am 00:56:42 (RPT) (CC) (DVS) ST