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36.1 Stranded Colorwork Today's show highlights stranded color knitting techniques. Simona shows how to work Fair Isle patterns seamlessly. In Iceland, Ragga spends some Space to Space time from her studio. Kate and Courtney demonstrate the Swedish technique of Bohus knitting. Next up, are products perfect for colorwork with Tanis. Learn how a palette change can make a traditional Fair Isle pattern fashion forward. (5 of 13)
1205 SA 04/05/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Creature Cuteness Learn to knit and crochet in 3-D to make stuffed creatures that are full of personality. Rebecca shows that getting a great looking monster or toy depends on good finishing. Allison explains why crafty is cool. Next, is Tanis with Tools of the Trade. Then, learn about toys that transform with creature-creator Susan B Anderson. (6 of 13)
1206 SA 04/12/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Vintage Knitting Andrea demonstrates a Downton Abbey inspired jabot and cuff. Annie offers a wealth of knowledge on fashion history from the 1920s and 30s. Andrea returns with a segment on vintage lace doilies. Tanis shows that even yarn and notions can be stately and elegant. Vickie shows how to add a lacy trim for a vintage feminine look. (7 of 13)
1207 SA 04/19/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Brioche Mercedes demonstrates some basic brioche techniques. Amy is featured in a virtual interview right in her own home studio. Mercedes returns with amazing brioche techniques for both flat and circular knitting. Tanis shows some tools for beginning in brioche. Vickie has a final tip for brioche on big needles. (8 of 13)
1208 SA 04/26/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Winter Games Yarn shop owner Laura demonstrates a gaiter and mittens inspired by X Games medalist Devin Logan. An Olympic medalist is visited at his home--Jayson Hale has a great story to share. Drew shows how to design and crochet a cool hat using the yarn you have on hand and absolutely no math! Tanis shows how you can support your favorite team. Vickie shares some finish line touches. (9 of 13)
1209 SA 05/03/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Creating Drape Host Vickie Howell and her guests work with yarns and gauge to create garments that have beautiful drape. Barry shares ways to insure your fabric flows elegantly. Crochet Editor Marcy Smith shows how yarn, gauge, pattern and construction all work together to affect drape. Tanis discusses yarns that do all the work for you. Vickie has a last quick tip showing how to change the drape of a fabric. (10 of 13)
1210 SA 05/17/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST
36.1 Tiny Details
1211 SA 05/24/14 12:30pm 00:28:00 - (CC) × ST