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Life Is A Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story

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36.1 Life Is A Banquet: The Rosalind Russell Story The star of Auntie Mame, His Girl Friday, Gypsy, and scores of other memorable films and Broadway shows, Rosalind Russell came into her own during Hollywood's Golden Era. Late in life, she was struck with severe rheumatoid arthritis, which derailed her career. Thereafter, Russell championed the needs of millions also suffering from the disease. Narrated by Kathleen Turner, this insightful and warm profile comes on the occasion of the approach of the 75th anniversary (2013) of her breakthrough role as Sylvia Fowler in The Women (1939) and the 55th anniversary of her most famous role as Mame Dennis in Auntie Mame (1958).
TH 08/21/14 04:00am 00:56:51 (RPT) (CC) × ST